Ghoul Hair Belt  

Start Zone: Svealand East
Start NPC:Lefur
Min Level:5
Max Level:8
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:No
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Related NPCs:
  Wayward Ghoul
Last Updated:Sat Mar 21 22:02:36 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest does NOT show up in your journal.

Lefur, in Audliten, will make you a ghoul hair belt. All he needs is some ghoul hair, which is dropped by various ghouls.

Lefur says, "! I noticed that you do not have one of my [belts]!"

Lefur says, "Smell that ? That's the smell of freedom from corruption and malice! It's good to be here in [Audliten]!"

Lefur says, "Aye! I know how to fashion a magical belt from [ghoul hair]. It may sound a bit odd, but it actually works."

Lefur says, "For each patch of [decayed hair] you bring me, I will fashion one of these belts for you."

Lefur says, "I have heard they fall from wayward ghouls. Some have seen these unnatural creatures walking north of this town in the dead of night. Start your journey there."

Bring him the hair and you will get the belt (+6 hp)

  Ghoul Hair Belt

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Ghoul Hair Belt
# Jan 06 2003 at 7:00 PM Rating: Good
17 posts
I was level six when I noticed this chance to get this belt.... I happened to be at the fort north of Auditen, so I went east a little and seen a Wayward Gnoul.... he was green con... killed him and looted decayed hair.. went back to Auditen and found Lefur... he talked to me but didn't offer to make me a belt.. he did say he was busy making others a belt.. so, I thought what the heck.. just gave him the hair and he gave me the belt.. said "here's your belt, just like I promised you".. hehe... doh... thanks Lefur for the belt..

Norseman Berserker
Savage Confirmed
# Dec 13 2002 at 9:04 AM Rating: Default
46 posts
This quest can be completed by the Savage class!
# Jan 24 2002 at 11:49 AM Rating: Default
That item is no way worth the 5s to get to Galpen... just look in the mountains if you must do it. Personaly id only do this as a kobold or maybe a human runemaster.
Ghoul hair belt
# Dec 25 2001 at 10:10 PM Rating: Default
I do all steps at Lefur, and he say: Start your journey there.... but then i cant accept the quest. So nothing is inside the journal... someone know why?
Runemaster lvl 8
RE: Ghoul hair belt
# Jan 12 2002 at 2:43 PM Rating: Default
Not really a just have to be low enough level to get the drops so you can take them back and give them to him.
ghoul central
# Dec 19 2001 at 8:19 AM Rating: Default
you want wayward ghouls, try just NE of Galpien.
Im confused
# Dec 08 2001 at 3:20 PM Rating: Default
I dont know i haven't really did this quest yet but im sure that he is still there......
Damn Ghouls
# Nov 20 2001 at 11:56 AM Rating: Default
I've killed about 8 ghouls up on the hill north of the fort by aud and still haven't gotten a drop (the ghouls are still blue) Only about 2 spawn per night. wtf!
RE: Damn Ghouls
# Dec 11 2001 at 3:25 AM Rating: Default
Go to the stable in Vasudheim and take a horse to Galphen. From the stable in Galphen head northeast and you will come to a hill that is totally crawling with wayward ghouls around the clock. I got about every third ghoul to drop hair.
RE: Damn Ghouls
# Dec 11 2001 at 3:35 AM Rating: Default
Doh! I meant to say go northwest not northeast, sorry. Also you can get a ticket to Galphen at Fort Alta as well as Vasud.
Drop the belt
# Nov 19 2001 at 4:14 PM Rating: Default
Drop the belt beside Lefur, no-one will pick it up as it is your loot anyway, give him the next hair and so on. I did this with four belts then just picked them up afterwards. If you already have a belt he won't make you one but you can pick up as many as you can carry I'd suspect.
ghoul hair
# Nov 15 2001 at 9:40 AM Rating: Default
but when completed quest could only make 1 belt so figure need to hold extra hair for other characters-i was lvl 5 healer when i did quest
Location of Ghouls
# Nov 14 2001 at 9:13 AM Rating: Default
I ended up at the rune stone outside Mularn and killed 4 ghouls in 1 night-3 had hair. I did find 1 behind the tower but it never spawned again.
Can't Find
# Nov 11 2001 at 12:39 AM Rating: Default
Well I looked around for them, couldn't find any. I looked around the Guard tower near Audltion (sp) and that hill near Mularn with the rune stone on it only had Mendering spirits.
Am I looking at the right places?

no drop
# Nov 10 2001 at 9:04 PM Rating: Default
I've killed a lot of the wayward ghouls, behind the tower. no drop. level 5 here
# Nov 08 2001 at 1:20 PM Rating: Default
I've seen him west of the tower, in the little valley in the huge clump of weads.. thats where i've killed him. ppl have seen him on the mountain too... Killed him once at lvl 6 and got nothing out of it.
# Nov 03 2001 at 9:37 PM Rating: Default
this is a unnofficial quest so they wont drop the hair if they appear grey
Ghoul Hair
# Nov 03 2001 at 4:28 PM Rating: Default
There is a Sanguintine Ghoul (purple+++ to a level 9 char.) just NW of Audliten, at the rounded-end of that lake. I'd be interested if he drops Ghoul Hair, but by the time I get to the level able to kill him, hopefully, there will be some other belt that is even better.
Max level is 6th at most
# Oct 31 2001 at 6:57 PM Rating: Default
This is not done like other "quests" you have to actually get the loot off the mobs like I say 6th is the max level to do this. The belt goes in the waist slot and it can be worn by anyone.

Were do i find the gouls
# Oct 31 2001 at 2:59 PM Rating: Default
Were can i find the gouls at and what do they look like?
RE: Were do i find the gouls
# Oct 31 2001 at 7:55 PM Rating: Default
Follow the road north out of Mularn and youll come to the crossroads where you continue north towards Haggerfell and a little distance out of town there will be a hill on your left with a solitary rune stone on the top. During the day nothing spawns on top but usually there are lurkers and maybe those low level ants and hobgoblins near the base of the hill. At night however (starting around hour 18) undead will start to spawn there including the wayward ghouls which drop the hair. At lvl 6, my healer owned the hill and over the course of the night 5 waywards spawned and i got 2 hair drops.
What type is the belt?
# Oct 30 2001 at 8:47 PM Rating: Default
What type of item is the Ghoul Hair Belt? Leather? Cloth?

Can a SpiritMaster wear it?
RE: What type is the belt?
# Nov 02 2001 at 7:45 AM Rating: Default
Most special items dont seem to be armour type related. Its just a belt, anyone can wear it.
Made 5 belts
# Oct 30 2001 at 1:34 PM Rating: Decent
I made a new hunter and got him to 6th solely to get these belts for our crew. Killed about 8 or so ghouls to get 5 decayed hair. Made all 5 belts by making one then passing it to a nearby char, then making another, and so on.

Morgan Le Fay Server
possibly broken?
# Oct 29 2001 at 4:06 AM Rating: Default
I've talked with Lefur, said all the right things and he's told me what to kill (wayward ghouls) to get the hair (decayed hair), BUT the quest doesn't show up in my journal, there is no accept/decline option, and after killing three ghouls (blue con) I havent gotten any drops. The belt aint THAT great but I have yet to see a belt in all of hibernia so this comes as a bit of a novelty.

Shadowblade on the Pellinor server
RE: possibly broken?
# Oct 29 2001 at 4:58 AM Rating: Default
Not broken. I went back and on the 5th kill got hair. still no quest options etc, etc, BUT I did get the reward.
RE: possibly broken?
# Oct 29 2001 at 4:05 PM Rating: Excellent
2 posts
Is the hair autoloot? if not, may be tradeable. Buy one off someone who gets the drop, if they are grey to you??

Just a thought
SevDevNev~ero of Luclin
Lefur back
# Oct 28 2001 at 11:45 PM Rating: Default
Yep, Lefur is back on Bedevere as well (Oct 27). And no, this is not a quest that gets put in your quest journal, so if the ghouls go gray, there isn't a way to do the quest still.
Ghoul Hair.
# Oct 28 2001 at 6:14 AM Rating: Default
Im a lvl 6 Shadowblade, I've Solo'd 4 of these guys..all Blue. 2 of em dropped the hair. However, I couldnt redeam for a second belt.

Anyone know what "Level 2 Magic Item" means? Its on the belt
# Oct 27 2001 at 8:51 AM Rating: Default
I think Lefur only apears at night
gHOUL Hair
# Oct 26 2001 at 11:33 AM Rating: Decent
I recieved this quest last night and it appeared in my Journal I died shortly later and the quest was no longer in my journal ? I spoke to the guy again and no new quest in journal box but he did still speak about the hairs so im gonna try to finish the quest.
RE: gHOUL Hair
# Oct 26 2001 at 5:56 PM Rating: Decent
11 posts
I know there have been some problems with quests being "lost"... last nights patch fixed one of them but, I forget which one. If you hand in the ghoul hair and don't get anything, you may want to /appeal.

Lefur is back
# Oct 26 2001 at 9:01 AM Rating: Default
Lefur is back on Guinevere now (26Oct).
Lefur Belt and Hair
# Oct 24 2001 at 2:25 PM Rating: Default
I'm pretty sure if you have the quest already, even if they are grey you should get the item drop. Did the bear boot quest last night at level 11, the bear was grey but I got the bear hide.

I have gotten the hair, but Lefur is gone now. :/
RE: Lefur Belt and Hair
# Oct 25 2001 at 1:37 AM Rating: Default
The problem is that this quest doesn't get put in the journal so normal quest rules don't apply.

I talked to lefur and then killed many many ghouls and nothing dropped, then made a new char to 4 and killed them and got hair on 2nd try then got 2 more in the next 5 kills.

I don't think we are getting a quest unless we have a popup box that lets us accept it or not.
after talking to Lefur no pop up box appears.

no popup box = no quest = no quest drop rules

Lefurn on his porch on test server
# Oct 24 2001 at 10:07 AM Rating: Default
Lefur is on his porch on test server. I talked to him last night but at 8 the ghouls are grey :(
Lefur has been abducted...
# Oct 24 2001 at 4:30 AM Rating: Default
Indeed Lefur has been abducted ((quest removed it seems))... you kidnappers shall better watch your back now, because the +6 hp bonus of the belt won't be enough to protect you from our wrath :)
# Oct 23 2001 at 4:48 PM Rating: Good
We have Lefur, if you do not bring 100 silver to the bind stone in Vasudheim...we'll mailing him back to you in pieces.

The Kidnappers
# Oct 17 2001 at 12:16 PM Rating: Good
Okies, some information for y'all:

Yes, the ghouls spawn up in the mountains North of Audliten. A bit East of the Tower is a nice, high valley, crawling with horses, gatos, lurkers (low-level wolves), and other stuff to hunt during the day. At night, Dirges (levels 5-8) spawn, as well as lowbie skelies and the wayward ghouls (4th level). There are Rock Crabs (levels 7-9) up on the sides of the valley all the time, so watch for these mobile "land mines."

The ghouls appear to drop the same hair as the ghouls down in Myrkwood.

The purple ghouls you're finding are WEST of Audliten, in West Svealand. I don't know what they drop. Yet. ;)

Lefur WAS on the porch of the building just South of the bind stone in Audliten. I saw him there every day through Monday, 10/15/01. When I logged in last night, he was no longer there. I don't know whether he's been moved, removed, or killed. Of course, I didn't have my ghoul hair scalps until last night, ... :(

-Fang, Legendary Defender, Palomides
RE: Fang
# Oct 17 2001 at 2:06 PM Rating: Default
Yep, he had always been out on the porch (my wife's done the quest). But last night we had a friend kill the wayward ghouls to get a piece of hair, and Lefur was MIA on 10/16/2001 on the Bedevere server. Dunno where he is now - told her to hold onto it in case he shows up.
# Oct 17 2001 at 8:30 AM Rating: Default
This quest says it starts in West Svealand, Audliten is in East Svealand. Some where there is a mix up.

Maps -

Tier - Gahlahad.
Still can't find Lefur
# Oct 17 2001 at 8:06 AM Rating: Default
There is no Lefur in Audliten on Guinevere.
Location of Lefur...
# Oct 16 2001 at 7:26 PM Rating: Default
39 posts
Lefur is standing outside the hut on the porch. The hut has the 2 merchants upstairs...

He is inside the city of Audliten...

Outsiders ...
#Anonymous, Posted: Oct 16 2001 at 3:11 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) As far as I am concerned, Lefur has left the building. Anybody find him yet?
#Anonymous, Posted: Oct 16 2001 at 1:29 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Could someone please give more details on Lefur's location. Myself and another person seeking Lefur where unable to locate him around any of the buildings in Audliten. Is he near a tree or some other landmark that can be identified?
Ghoul Hair Belt
# Oct 16 2001 at 5:11 AM Rating: Decent
The person for the quest is found in Audliten. I killed the ghouls at lvl 5 with my shadowblade because they were blue to me. If you cross the bridge from Audliten then run behind the viking tower where the sveawolf mothers spawn you will be heading in the right direction. At lvl 5 the mothers where yellow to me but i just ran past them straight up the mountain to the very top. The ghoul will only spawn at night, you know you are in the right place if you see the skeletons walking around. The skeletons are there only at night also. It took me about 1hr and a couple of ghoul kills to get my belt. Hope this helps
# Oct 16 2001 at 2:34 AM Rating: Default
Where Is Lefur, someone said in Audliten, in this post but he is not there.. can someone help me out and direct me to his location Please.
Thank you
Ghoul location
# Oct 15 2001 at 3:09 PM Rating: Decent
The ghoul in question spawns north of the fort across the bridge from Audliten. He is in the mountains and is sometimes hard to find. I have killed him about 4 times with no hair.
Ghoul Hair
# Oct 15 2001 at 2:40 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
I found "Wayward Ghouls" (green to Lvl 6) on the little hill with a runestone just northwest of Mularn. I camped half a night keeping the hill clear of undeads. Killed 7 to loot 3 ghoul hair.

Lefur is in Audliten, E Svealand.
Ghoul hair belt
# Oct 14 2001 at 4:33 PM Rating: Decent
Only Wayward ghouls i've found are bigtime grey and won't drop the hair. I checked where the previous poster mentioned purple ghouls but the only undead there that's purple is dirge's. Do this quest before level 7 or you won't get it.
wayward ghoul
# Oct 12 2001 at 9:17 PM Rating: Decent
There are some wayward ghuols in mularn that are lvl 4 and they do drop the hair
# Oct 12 2001 at 12:22 PM Rating: Decent
7 posts
I found a ____ ghoul, can't remember the name and it was the even color to me at lvl 4. I had to run around whacking all the skellies and wolves blue to me in that area to see him spawn. Well his whooped my ****, so i haven't got the belt yet. Trying again after I level to five.
Ghoul Hair Belt
# Oct 12 2001 at 6:52 AM Rating: Decent
3 posts
I think you could up the maximum level on this one. The only ghouls I found were Purple to me and I am lvl 7. I headed North of town in the dead of night just like Lefur said. Also there were a pack of some kind of sveawolves that were all purple to me as well. Thankfuly I am a Shadowbane and can run around hidden or I would of been dead for sure.

I searched from the guard tower and the whole are west well into the woods. The only ghouls I found were purple.
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