Chant of the War (Spell)

Spell Line:Battlesongs
Power Cost:0
Recast Delay:8s
Duration:5 seconds/pulse
Damage Type:Body
Source:Camelot Herald
Last Modified:Thu Mar 12 20:56:04 2009
Damage Add (Chant) - Everyone in the caster's group has the given amount of damage added to each melee swing. Bonus: Damages target for listed damage.
Extra Info:
Per patch 1.97 (03.11.09):
- The following Damage Add chants in the Battlesongs Specialization line have had their bonus values adjusted as follows, and the high-end versions of these spells have had a celerity effect added to the existing Damage Add. These celerity spells will have the following bonus and range (Damage Add bonus and range unchanged):
Level 35 - Chant of the War - 7.8 DPS, 10% Celerity (750 range)

Chant of the War - 7.8 DPS, 10% Celerity (750 range)

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