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#27 Dec 08 2004 at 2:23 PM Rating: Decent
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So any woman who has 15 or more sexual partners deserves to be slapped?

Look, I know you're not going to get it. You're a boy, you can't possibly understand the feelings that "slap a ho" is going to cause in some women. Empathy is clearly more than we can expect from you.

/goodbye topic.
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#28 Dec 08 2004 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
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No, "ho" by itself doesn't imply violence against women. But slapping one does.

The kind of person who would slap a woman around would probably also call her a "ho" while doing it (regardless of whether she sleeps around or not). That's why a phrase like "slap a ho" can be viewed as violent against ALL women. Also, I think most people think that slapping a woman around is not a good thing regardless of how many guys they've slept with.

I'm not saying that your name is universally offensive to everyone. I'm sure there are plenty of people who found it very amusing and creative. I wasn't personally offended when I first saw your name, but I could pretty easily see how someone else under particular circumstances could be offended.

Anyway, I don't really care what you name yourself. What I found disturbing was your violent reaction when you found out that someone was offended by your name.

Edited, Wed Dec 8 14:58:31 2004 by Sonnette
#29 Dec 08 2004 at 3:01 PM Rating: Good
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Just my Smiley: twocents. ^^

Slapaho wrote:
Ho is a women that sleeps around with 15 hundred different men. ho implies violence against women?

The way I read it, I figured she meant that "Slap - A - Ho" was offensive to a woman that has been the subject of sexually related violence. Not just the 'Ho' part.

I think 'Ho' is an offensive term itself to most women, mainly because there is no real male equivalent used in every or even slang speech. We have *****, prostitute, ****, ho, etc. for women that sleep around. But what do you call a man that sleeps around? A man. Ever try using 'Jigalow' in everyday conversation? Doesn't happen. He's just... a man. Uses of those kinds of words are derogatory toward all women in general, and it's just not a nice thing to hear.

Slapaho wrote:
only the women that are ho's do take offense to it. they are the one with a guilty conscience and cry up a storm when someone says ho. they have a guilty conscience because they know they sleep around and feel bad about it. now those are the people that take offense to the name.

Not true. I'm a woman. I don't sleep around with a lot of men. I don't have friends that sleep around with a lot of men. Yet your previous name still offended me.

In fact, I did happen to see you around before your name was changed. I didn't scream and cry over it. It's not traumatizing, or horrible. I just wrinkled my nose and thought to myself, 'Well now, that's crass.'

Slapaho wrote:
but i know plenty of women that crack up over the name and they are women and they never took offense to it.

I'm sure that there are women out there that think it's hilarious. I'm sure there are also men out there that think it's crass.

But I guess my biggest problem with your attitude on this thread can be summed up in a series of quotes from your last reply.

Slapaho wrote:
I'm sorry

But, you aren't. Read on to see why.

Slapaho wrote:
you know what man? i dont care.

Slapaho wrote:
BUT otherwise WHO cares anymore???? i dont even care.

You don't care. You can't be sorry if you don't care, and don't care if anyone else cares.

You're not sorry. And well, I don't think you should be FORCED to be sorry about it. You are entitled to you own opinions of what is funny or not. But don't say you're sorry when you're not and you really don't care if people were offended or not.

I understand that this thread was intended to give a shout out to your friends so they know what happened to your old name. That it was intended to poke fun at the GMs for being so strict about name changes. But you have to expect to draw a little flack from the name too, especially flaunting it the way you are.
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#30 Dec 08 2004 at 4:01 PM Rating: Decent
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Our world is filled with violence, innocent people getting murdered, robbed, etc. We have high gas prices along with a deficiency in available jobs. With those things going on, I do not think that any seriously cares about what someone else says in a VIDEO GAME. Are these people directly trying to offend someone? lol ... no I stand by the belief that even derogatory names do not offend others, as I said.. ITS JUST WORDS!!.. are they keeping you up at night?.. are they SERIOUSLY bothering you THAT much?.. I HIGHLY doubt it. Any judge in a court would say to you "IGNORE IT!!" Again, as I said, its just stupid people thinking they're cool. Now.. if it were someone naming their character "SonnetteSucks", etc to directly provoke you, then I can see them needing a change, but to take an indirect name and play it off like it offends you... get a life.
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#31 Dec 07 2016 at 8:48 AM Rating: Decent
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Were you from the blackhand srver?
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