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thinking of returning to ffxi...Follow

#1 Aug 10 2009 at 7:46 PM Rating: Default
Hi i'm thinking of returning to this game because all i ever got was lvl 70 and want to get a 75 and try end game was wondering if there are any dynamis or anything linkshells that do events between some time of 9pm-11pm est and cant do sky because lol i never bought CoP and i still have game on old ps2 but planning on ordering ffxi for PC will have CoP then lol... and i have no exp in ,limbus ,dynamis ,sky ,HNM spawm bosses ,assault ,sea so what i'm saying is if i start back i'll be a lvl 70 sam that is a horrilbe noob hey i'm just being honest lol but what i'm saying is are there any linkshells that do their events between the time 9pm-11pm est that could show me the end game ropes (have all expanshions but CoP and the add ons but would be getting CoP once i order game for pc and get my sam from 70-75)oh i forgot to say my server is Ramuh

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#2 Sep 06 2009 at 12:39 PM Rating: Decent
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you might want to look up the dynamis LS "FromTheAshes". They gather at 8pm est and enter zone around 9pm est. They do runs on monday night and friday nights during the week. I'm also thinking of applying to this LS so I'm not a member yet and dont know any further info I'm sorry. Oh another thing that might help is if you talk to Minhenleah she's a sack holder and could sort you through the sign up process and assist you with other Q's you might have. Just tell her that Osyris told you to contact her in-game, she's a good friend of mine. Good Luck and /welcome back in advance if you decide to return ^^

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