Merchant's Band  

Magic Level:30
Magical Bonuses:
  Constitution: 10 pts
  Matter Resist: 6%
  Hits: 20 pts
Starting Condition:100%
Starting Duration:100%
Default Bonus:15%
Weight:0.00 lbs

Levels of Use:30 - 35
Last Updated: Jun 5 14:16:17 2006
Submitted by: Iake of Iseult

This item can be attained from quests:
Found in:
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A little more information...
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Here is a bit of information Iake provided with his item submission, though not concise it may prove to be of some assistance for obtaining this item:
Wood Ogre Menace
Attack of the Wood Ogres
Revenge of the Merchants
Wood Ogre Strikes Back
Return of the Hunter

each is basically as 2-step cycle -- kill something, return to Hunter Valdis for reward, which may have been ~4.5 mill and some silver each step.

going from memory, this starts out in Caer Ulfwych, either with Langston Fall (weapon merch in the shed) or someone who sends you to see him. The wood ogres are attacking merchant pack trains and ruining business; the merchants have hired Hunter Valdis to drive them off, and are seriously annoyed because he isn't doing his job. You are sent to give him an ultimatum. He is in the tower at 20 / 53.7. When you get there he whines about being the sole support of his family and asks you to help him. As I recall you have the choice of helping him by doing what he asks, or going off and killing some wood ogre raiders to collect a bounty directly from the merchants. I chose to help him, which started the chain of miniquests above.

Basically, you end up doing a specific task for him so he can keep his job, and he fails to follow thru and you have to take the next step. You start out killing wood ogre raiders, which are on the hillside N of the road just E of the tower; other steps have you working on other wood ogre types. The ogre "fortress" is really a set of 5 mini towers, 3 on the ridgeline NE of the tower, and 2 in the valley further NE of the ridge, basically due W of Caer Ulf. Each tower has a couple guards -- mystics, berserkers, or seers mostly -- and a lord inside the tower. The lord usually comes out when you attack his guards. Scourges and other types guard the ridgeline and the two lower towers.

All steps are pretty straightforward except for the last one (Return of the Hunter), where Hunter Valdis wants you to kill the wood ogre warlord which he failed to do on the last quest. finally found him on top of the southern tower of the two in the valley -- he was oj to 26, later yel to 27. after killing the warlord you get a reward from Hunter Valdis for bringing him the warlord's hollow horn, as well as another reward (and the Merchant's Band) from Langston Fall
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