Graoch Potion  

Starting Condition:100%
Starting Duration:100%
Default Bonus:0%
Weight:0.10 lbs

Levels of Use:1 - 50
Last Updated: Aug 24 19:43:19 2011

This item can be purchased from Merchants:
    Found in:

    (The magic from the costume potion has worn off now that the festivities have ended. If you consume it, nothing will happen. You can sell them back to any vendor.)

    Charged Magic Ability:
    - 1 charges
    - 1 max
    Function: Illusion

    Target has been shapechanged.
    Target: Self
    Duration: 15:00 min
    Casting time: 9.0 sec

    - Requirement: costume check all

    Bonus Level: 0

    From 11.14.08 Grab Bag:
    Q. Greetings! I have 3 questions regarding the player made shape change potions. When they were first added I thought it was really great, and never played unless I had them in my pack. The problem was they took too much inventory space, would it be possible to add multiple charges to a potion similar to the stat buff and other potions? Also would it be possible to add the 3 new races from the LOTM expansion as possible potions? Thanks in advance!

    A. Potions! The Lady of the Jewels is on the case: There are actually Minotaur potions on the costume merchants. They are called Korazh potion (Albion), Graoch potion (Midgard), and Deifrang potion (Hibernia) and are only available from their own realm's merchants at this time. We will look into adding these potions to the Alchemists repertoire in a future patch as well as giving costume potions multiple charges.

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