Basic Horse Quest  

Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:Horse Merchant (Mid)
Related Zones:
  Svealand East
Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Royal Stable Master (Mid)
Related Items:
  Horse Voucher
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

The Darkness Rising expansion is not needed for this quest.

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Buy a horse voucher from the Horse Merchant at loc=27751,22601outside the stables in Jordheim.
2) Go inside the stables in Jorheim and speak to The Royal Stable Master
3) Hand The Royal Stable Master your horse voucher.
4) Go get a saddle from Harlfug, loc=52690,16955 East Svealand, in Vasudheim
5) Return to The Royal Stable Master and hand him the saddle to receive your horse.
6) Go speak with Tofknar if you wish to learn how to use your horse. Tofknar is near the stables as well.

Quest Dialog:
Buy a horse voucher from the Horse Merchant at loc=27751,22601,7958 dir=69 outside the stables in Jordheim. Then go speak with The Royal Stable Master inside the stables at loc=28268,22398,8018 dir=75 Jordheim.

The Royal Stable Master says, "Welcome to the Royal Stables, (your name)! If you've got a Voucher from a Horse Merchant, just hand it to me and I'll redeem it here. His Majesty's Stables is home to [just about] every kind of horse in the world!"

The Royal Stable Master says, "Aye! The brown horses that've become so popular are housed here, and so are the Earth, Ice, Thunder, and Fire horses. They require specialized gear that has to be crafted, but I know people who can make those for you as a favor to me. I also know people who know how to tame the horses His Majesty [does not] keep."

The Royal Stable Master says, "Those steeds are the Undead horse, the Nightmare, and the Unicorn. I have the connections to the people who can help you to defeat, to ensnare, or to persuade those horses to be your mount. All you need to do is hand me the proper Voucher and the quest for your new mount will begin right here!"

The Royal Stable Master says, "Ah, you've come for your horse. Well, there may be a slight delay on that."

Will you help The Royal Stable Master sort out the 'slight delay' and get your horse? [Level 35]
You have been given the Basic Horse quest.

[Step #1] A small problem has arisen while trying to get your horse. Listen to what the Royal Stable Master has to say. If he becomes unresponsive prod his memory by asking about the [saddles].

The Royal Stable Master says, "It's a matter of supply and demand, I suppose. There's a high demand for the horses, of which we have plenty in supply. But the [saddles], that's another matter."

The Royal Stable Master says, "I've sent my stable boy, Skjonn, out to get some more saddles for anyone with a Voucher for a horse, but he's gone off and gotten lost, [again]."

The Royal Stable Master says, "You want your horse, and I don't want the King threaten my job again, so here's what we're going to do. You run out the West Gate to Vasudheim and speak with Harlfug. Get the saddle from him and bring it back to me so I can fit it on your horse. I'm going to wait here for Skjonn to get back. I think it's time to put the fear of Odin into the boy."

[Step #2] It seems the Royal Stables are short on saddles. Fortunately Vasudheim's Stable Master, Harlfug, has some spares. Go out the West Gate and speak with Harlfug about this matter.
  • Harlfug is at loc=52690,16955,4600 dir=261 East Svealand, in Vasudheim

  • Harlfug says, "I've told that old dwarf before that Skjonn was shiftless. He's probably off in the tavern with a flagon of mead in both hands. Never mind that, though, here's your saddle. Take it back so your horse can get fitted proper."

    [Step #3] Take the saddle back to the Royal Stable Master in Jordheim. Give him the saddle so he can fit it to your new horse.

    The Royal Stable Master says, "Welcome to the Royal Stables, (your name)! If you've got a Voucher from a Horse Merchant, just hand it to me and I'll redeem it here. His Majesty's Stables is home to [just about] every kind of horse in the world!"

    The Royal Stable Master says, "Have you returned with the saddle for your horse yet? Give it to me and I'll fit your horse with it."

    The Royal Stable Master says, "There we go! Your horse is ready for you to ride. 'Course you could probably use some instruction in that. Why don't you run over there and speak to Tofknar about that. Just don't bring up the horse smushing troll."

    You receive the Standard Chestnut Horse from the Royal Stable Master!

    Tofknar says, "You're looking to [learn about riding] a horse, aye?"

    Tofknar says, "The first thing you'll want to know is how to mount your steed. If you look on the bottom of your Stats Page, one to the left of your Inventory Page, you'll see a new button labeled "Mount". Press that to open the Mount window. If you don't see the Mount button anywhere, you can use the '/mount' command instead. Let me know [whenever you are ready] to continue."

    Tofknar says, "Now, switch back to your Inventory Page for a moment and drag-and-drop the horse's icon into the "Active" slot in the Mount window, just as if it were a style or spell. After you've done that you should see a paper doll of your horse in the Mount window. The Champion Level horses can wear barding and armor, and you'd drag-and-drop those items from your inventory to the appropriate Mount window slot the same way. You [still with me]?"

    Tofknar says, "Two more steps to go then. Close your inventory, then drag-and-drop the horse icon from the Active slot to your hotbar. Then comes the moment of truth, when you click the hotbar button you just created. If you're outside or not in combat you'll summon your horse within 5 seconds and mount it automatically. If you want to dismount your steed you need only click the same hotbar. There are [other ways to dismount] your horse as well."

    Tofknar says, "One of them is to cross a hard zone line requiring a "Loading" screen, or entering a named area like a capital city or a frontier keep. Another is if you're attacked. Even if the enemy misses you for any reason you'll be forcibly dismounted from your horse. You can't initiate combat from horseback, either; you can only ride your horse around the [countryside]."

    Tofknar says, "Riding your horse is just like running your character around the world. The same keys perform the same function for both circumstances. Your horse runs faster that you can, naturally. If there's a 'speed class' in your group, and they're singing a movement speed buff, your horse will move at that speed but no faster. Let me see, [what else is there]?"

    Tofknar says, "Ah, this bit's important. The horse you have is the basic brown horse. They can't be summoned in the Frontier, they only know a few tricks, and you can't customize them at all. If you want a more advanced horse you'll need to perform the Champion Level quests from the King's Magery. But that's someone else's story for [another time]."

    Tofknar says, "I think that'll be about it for now, (your name). Remember, treat your horse right and you'll never have need to worry about finding your way home. Take care!"

      Standard Chestnut Horse

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    How do you get rid of the damned thing?
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    You can't sell it, cant bank it and cant destroy it.
    Level 10 now
    # Nov 20 2007 at 3:17 PM Rating: Default
    You can do this at level 10 now, and your horse is free. This happened with the 1.88 patch. Also, you do not get a voucher any more, you get your horse when you bring the saddle back to the Stable Master.
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