Dragonslayer Armor (Mid)  

Start Zone: Malmohus
Start Location:Svarhamr
Start NPC:Skipta
Related Quests:
  Battles in the Mist
  Yar the Firstborn
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Last Updated:Sat Dec 19 03:12:44 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per 12.18.09 Hot Fix note:
The Dragonslayer: These quests will now recognize every possible method to obtain Dragonslayer armor. This means whether you got the Dragonslayer armor via Glass or the Great Hunt quest.

If you have the cloak, the medal, and have completed the Yar the Firstborn quest you may speak with Skipta. She will grant you your reward: the Dragonslayer armor.


Well, you've worked long and hard, and now it's time to see it all pay
off. Ah, the Dragonbane Svartalfar have done an especially good job this
time. This is armor anyone would be proud to wear.

And there is a special pride that comes from wearing something you won
with blood.The secrets of the Dragonslayers and the Svartalf are in this
armor, aye, but so is the courage and strength you put in defeating all
those beasties.

Now everyone can see you for what you are, a member of the
Dragonslayers. Heh, if the dragon can have an army, why can't we? The
march of the Dragonslayers has begun, I tell you.

Be brave, but be careful. She waits for you and yours, and she is
vicious. I know that you can be victorious, though. All hail the new
generation of Dragonslayers.


Continue speaking with Skipta to get your armor.

Basic Reward
Full set of Dragonslayer armor
2,400,000,000 exp

Berserker -- Dragonslayer Starkaskodd Armor
Bonedancer -- Dragonslayer Padded Armor
Healer -- Dragonslayer Seer Starkakedja Armor
Hunter -- Dragonslayer Feral Starkaskodd Armor
Runemaster -- Dragonslayer Padded Armor
Savage -- Dragonslayer Savage Starkaskodd Armor.
Shadowblade -- Dragonslayer Shadow Starklaedar Armor (classic - Dragonslayer Starklaedar, Hard and Soft)
Shaman -- Dragonslayer Seer Starkakedja Armor
Skald -- Dragonslayer Starkakedja & Bragi Armor
Spiritmaster -- Dragonslayer Padded Armor
Thane -- Dragonslayer Starkakedja Seer, Odin and Storm Armor
Valkyrie -- Dragonslayer Starkakedja, Odin Armor
Warlock -- Dragonslayer Padded Armor
Warrior -- Dragonslayer Starkakedja Armor.

  Dragonslayer Shadow Starklaedar Tunic
  Dragonslayer Shadow Starklaedar Sleeves
  Dragonslayer Shadow Starklaedar Helm
  Dragonslayer Shadow Starklaedar Pants
  Dragonslayer Shadow Starklaedar Gloves
  Dragonslayer Seer Starkakedja Full Helm
  Dragonslayer Seer Starkakedja Arms
  Dragonslayer Seer Starkakedja Boots
  Dragonslayer Odin Starkakedja Chausses
  Dragonslayer Odin Starkakedja Hauberk
  Dragonslayer Storm Starkakedja Gloves
  Dragonslayer Soft Starklaedar Shoes
  Dragonslayer Hard Starklaedar Tunic (classic)
  Dragonslayer Hard Starklaedar Gloves
  Dragonslayer Starklaedar Full Helm
  Dragonslayer Hard Starklaedar Pants
  Dragonslayer Hard Starklaedar Sleeves
  Dragonslayer Starkakedja Full Helm
  Dragonslayer Starkakedja Boots
  Dragonslayer Starkakedja Armguards
  Dragonslayer Starkakedja Chausses
  Dragonslayer Bragi Starkakedja Hauberk
  Dragonslayer Starkakedja Hauberk
  Dragonslayer Seer Starkakedja Hauberk (classic)
  Dragonslayer Seer Starkakedja Gloves
  Dragonslayer Seer Starkakedja Chausses
  Dragonslayer Feral Starkaskodd Jerkin
  Dragonslayer Feral Starkaskodd Jerkin (classic)
  Dragonslayer Feral Starkaskodd Legs
  Dragonslayer Feral Starkaskodd Arms
  Dragonslayer Feral Starkaskodd Boots
  Dragonslayer Feral Starkaskodd Gloves
  Dragonslayer Feral Starkaskodd Full Helm
  Dragonslayer Padded Robes
  Dragonslayer Padded Sleeves
  Dragonslayer Padded Gloves
  Dragonslayer Padded Slippers
  Dragonslayer Padded Full Helm
  Dragonslayer Padded Breeches (Mid)
  Dragonslayer Padded Robes (classic)
  Dragonslayer Seer Starkakedja Hauberk
  Dragonslayer Savage Starkaskodd Jerkin
  Dragonslayer Starkaskodd Leggings
  Dragonslayer Starkaskodd Armguards
  Dragonslayer Starkaskodd Boots
  Dragonslayer Starkaskodd Gauntlets
  Dragonslayer Starkaskodd Full Helm
  Dragonslayer Starkaskodd Jerkin

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# Apr 09 2009 at 11:14 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
so is it one piece of armor per mini dragon or one piece for every round of mini's that u do?
Just some info
# Sep 10 2008 at 4:04 AM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Because the info on this one is kinda crummy...

To get the Dragonslayer armor you need to do the Battles in the Mist quest first.

Then do the Yar quest.

Then, for each piece of armor you need/want, you need to kill a mini dragon...

Haven't gotten to the part to where to turn it in yet though...

This info is for Midgard, Classic (Don't know if it applies to other servers).

- Kited
DAoC - Kitedyou-Gareth LVL 50 Bone Dancer, rr 8Lx, CL 10
War - Tjia-Badlands LVL 3x Archmage, rr2x
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