Midwinter Tree of Hibernia  

Start Zone: Connacht
Start Location:Ardee Relocation Tents
Start NPC:Noelle
Related Zones:
  Cruachan Gorge
Min Level:35
Max Level:35
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Last Updated:Thu Jan 31 21:36:18 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

1.31.08 From the Camelot Herald:
The Midwinter Spirits have packed up their tents and taken down their decorations, returning to the mysterious lands from whence they came. The Midwinter Madrigal, Trinkets for Tots, and Saving Midwinter quests have vanished with them. They will return again next year, around the same time.

Speak with Noelle, who can be found at the Ardee Relocation Tents, loc=48742,55836 Connacht.

Ah, what a nice tree. It just warms your heart to look at it, doesn't it? Where I come from we have them all over the place. And where it that? Well never-you-mind. Let's just say I'm from... the northern lands. What? No not Midgard! Don't be daft!

I've come here to join my relations in observing - I mean experiencing your celebration of Midwinter. And maybe the cheer from my region will find its way into your hearts. Why, I wouldn't be surprised if some of these trees started sprouting out in Cruachan Gorge.

If you do find one, bring it back to me. I'll show you how to care for it properly.

Find and collect a Midwinter Tree in Cruachan Gorge. The trees are found South of the river. There are a few camps of tough enemies, but the trees are not near them. Return to Noelle at the tents Southwest of Ardee. (Right click the tree to collect it.)

Quest Goal: Find a Midwinter Tree in Cruachan Gorge.
(Tree looks just like the one behind Noelle. There are 10 tree's in Cruachan Gorge, they seem to take a while to re-pop once picked, one location is loc=43120,46025 Cruachan Gorge, another is loc=49908,30974 and loc=29211,45707)

110 gold 18 silver 81 copper (lvl 49 quote)
8 gold 16 silver 8 copper (lvl 49 quote, 2nd time completing quest)
Small Hibernian Winter Tree
Large Hibernian Winter Tree
Outdoor Hibernian Winter Tree

lvl 49 received 152,800,000,000 experience
lvl 49 received 4,800,000,000 experience (2nd time completing quest)

lvl 50 received 2,126,250,000 experience (2nd time completing quest)

Champion Level experience gained: 1095

Quest is repeatable...

  Small Hibernian Winter Tree
  Large Hibernian Winter Tree
  Outdoor Hibernian Winter Tree

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