Snakes and Spikes (M2T10)  

Start Zone: Sobekite Eternal
Start NPC:
Trials of Atlantis expansion Required
Type:Master Level
Master Lev.:2 - 10
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Min Level:40
Max Level:50
Grants XP:No
Grants Coin:No
Related NPCs:
Last Updated:Tue Mar 11 23:11:06 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This is a Trial towards the second Master Level

Per patch 1.69:
- Trial 2, Encounter 10 - The snakes outside of the temple will no longer spawn extra snakes after making a kill.

Per patch 1.72:
- Trial 2.10 - Battlegrouped players who are standing outside of the temple area or are being carried by the harpies will now be able to receive credit for this encounter when Runihura is killed.

You need all proceeding trials to do trial 10.

From someone who beta tested: First off as in all trials you need all proceeding trials to do step 10 and get credit. (Not the step 11 one though).

You are not SUPPOSED to go outside. If it was working properly, a big harpy would pick you up in the air and drop you and you would be severely injured if not dead. The fact that you were able to pull him outside and kill him, is exactly what they don't want you to do. So I guess something isn't working properly. Well you aren't supposed to be able to get back to the top so easily. My guess that is where the problem is.

The way you are SUPPOSED to kill him. The way it was intended for you to kill him is for everyone to spread around in the guys' room. This way the spikes that pop up in the room won't hit everyone at once. Once the guy stops in one spot all tanks should circle him not be on top of each other and keep tanking. It is possible to kill him in the room, actually that is the intent of the kill. The harpy is supposed to make it impossible to kill him outside so I guess that isn't currently true.

The way it has worked:
-killed a few cobras and got into the temple to med
-ran out the back of the temple (north i believe)
-this is important: useless classes (those not vital for group survival...nightshades, rangers, casters) stood to the west. bards, druids, wardens (we didnt have any, but they WOULD stand there ) all stood to the east. This makes the harpies pick up the "useless" classes first, and take them for the grand tour. Keep alternating stealthers and casters back and forth there while your tanks and support remain uninterrupted.
-he will spawn random blue/yellow baby cobras..kill these instantly as they will interrupt healers
IMPORTANT: do NOT use ANY AE spells. Cobras will NOT aggro you if you are engaged with the named mob, unless you attack them via GTAE, PBAE, TWF, etc

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