Atlantis Tablet  

Start Zone: Mesothalassa
Start NPC:
Trials of Atlantis expansion Required
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:No
Grants Coin:No
Related NPCs:
  Guardian of Atlantis
  Naxos Frostblade
  Naxos Mender
  Naxos Rymester
  Naxos Tetrarch
  Naxos Traveller
  Naxos Umbral Conjurer
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  Atlantis Tablet, 1 of 3
  Atlantis Tablet, 2 of 3
  Atlantis Tablet, 3 of 3
  Atlantis' Magic Tablets
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Below is the begining information for the Artifact Atlantis Tablet, if you know more information please send it in.

The Sphinx Callie mentions the Atlantis Tablet may be found at the Atlantis Library ("The Library" underwater. aprox loc= 40k 60k in Messo.) that is close to Treasure Island. You will need to slay the guard there for the Atlantis Tablet.

Guardian of Atlantis drops the Tablet of Atlantis.

Atlantis Tablet 1 of 3 -- dropped from a Naxos tetrarch and Naxos traveller Meso

Atlantis Tablet 2 of 3 -- drops from Sobekite Khu Rager, Naxos frostblade and Naxos rymester in Meso

Atlantis Tablet 3 of 3 -- drops from Naxos menders and Naxos umbral conjurer in Meso

Dialog from combining the 3 scrolls:

Can be used by all.

(Earns exp: Slaying enemies belonging to the Sobekite Khu or Sobekite Khem factions.)
Artifact also levels from RvR and mobs in Shrouded Isles Dungeons, as per patch 1.71.

  Tablet of Atlantis

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Atlantis Tablet Info
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The Aprox. Loc for the underwater Atlantis Library is at 40k 60k in Messo.

Guarded by Triton Guards ...

We attempted this one time so far and failed with 1.5g Badly. Once you open the Correct Chest The Atlantis Guardian pops out. Not sure how or what, but some of our actions made her split, causing Atlantis Soldier guys come 2-3 of em, and Really tough. Also got spams from some of our actions Causes her to Heal her self. Have yet to figure out what we did or how to prevent.

Just a little info for your heads up. Id say take 3g + to be on the safe side. If you fail, and go back, The chests took over 24hours to repop. So make your first try count :)
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