Phoebus Harp Necklace  

Start Zone: Mesothalassa
Start NPC:Hallea
Trials of Atlantis expansion Required
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:No
Grants Coin:No
Related NPCs:
  Naxos Focused
  Naxos Frostblade
  Naxos Shaman
  Naxos Traveller
Related Items:
  Phoebus' Letters, 2 of 3
  Phoebus' Letters, 1 of 3
  Phoebus' Letters, 3 of 3
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Below is the begining information for the Artifact Phoebus Harp Necklace, if you know more information please send it in.

The Phoebus Harp Necklace drops from Hallea at loc=27k, 7k in Mesothalassa

Phoebus Letters, 1 of 3 -- dropped from Naxos Focused, aprox loc= 41k 16k
Phoebus Letters, 2 of 3 -- dropped from a Naxos Shaman, loc= 49k,16k
Phoebus Letters, 3 of 3 -- dropped from a Noxos Frostblade, loc= 38k,16k. Also dropped from a Naxos Travler

Dialog from the 3 scrolls:
Scroll One
"Oh my sweet Atlantis, what destruction has been wrought? What [god's] foul game has wrecked your beauty and grace? How I weep, as no one else can, for who else is there to see your [fall, your final day, your final hour;] my harp weeps, my heart breaks, my tears would fall had I any left to shed. I see the seas rise, the mountains erupt, and the lands tear apart. The cities in the clouds tumble and fall. There is only darkness where the sun should shine. The winds are hot, and I know not if it is rain or the spray of colliding water. [I play my harp, I pluck its strings. I play for my Atlantis - for her death and mine - for] surely, as she takes her last breath, so shall I take mine."

Scroll Two

"[Ah,] through the Halls of dead Heroes I walked. Where else to spend my final hours? To think all this should befall an empire beyond any that ever rose before, an empire even the gods could not rival! What of Atlantis had they to fear? What cause to be jealous? The empires of men did not tread in the affairs of the gods. Why then should the gods meddle in the empires of men? What [jealousy,] to bring their might against [us? With what arrogance must they show their rage so that] the best of men must perish? Aye, but these gods shall fall too! As Atlantis dies so shall their power wane. For the men of the world will not [say, See] unto Atlantis how the gods have punished them for their [pride!] no, the cries shall [be, See] unto Atlantis what the gods would do to the best of men, and no more shall worshipers fill the [temples. So] shall the [days, when men destroy the gods,] come to the lands when Atlantis falls.

I watch now as the city above me crumbles! See how part of it falls into the planes. See how the other part tumbles to the seas around the island of heroes. Hear above the winds of the world the lamentation as Atlantis plunges to her doom. And so I play my [harp;] I pluck its strings. I play for Atlantis, for her death, and mine."

Scroll Three

"I sit here crying. This is the last sunset of the greatest men and women of great glory. This is the final night of Atlantis. There shall be no dawn, no sunrise on the Ten Kingdoms. The world should weep, shall it survive itself. What shall I do but write my last words and toss them to the winds in the Planes of [Atlantis? for] that, so far, is not fallen. Let my words be carried by the winds and waters of the [lands,] though what of them shall come on the [morrow,] I know [and] care not. A barren land shall it be, when Atlantis is gone. No more heroes for the trials. No celebrations or memories of what this great land once was. Let the winds and waters of an empty reminder of Atlantis [might,] carry my words. I shall stand with Atlantis and be the last to watch the sun rise on a dead world. And so I play my [harp;] I pluck its strings. I play for Atlantis, for her death and mine."

Artifact levels from RvR and mobs in SI Dungeons, New Frontiers, Passage of Conflict and Summoner's Hall.

The Phoebus Harp Necklace is tied with Wings Dive as the slowest Artifact to level, 100M exp. per 1%.

  Phoebus Harp Necklace


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