Matikhoras Trial (M4T10)  

Start Zone: Stygian Delta
Start NPC:Matikhoras
Trials of Atlantis expansion Required
Type:Master Level
Master Lev.:4 - 10
Min Level:40
Max Level:50
Grants XP:No
Grants Coin:No
Last Updated:Sun Mar 29 14:54:04 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This is a Trial towards the forth Master Level

Matikhoras reigns in his pyramid still! This is a battlegroup encounter.

You must have trials 1 - 9 complete in order to get credit for this encounter.

4.9 Drops a Marid Figurine. Go inside the Pyramid to the gates. When the person with the figurine in their inventory steps on the "pad" in front of the door, everyone will get a broadcast that there are "clicks" beneath that person. Have that person /use the figurine (which makes it disappear) and thus unlocking the pyramid doors and opening the way to Mantikhoras.

Inside: Have everyone buff up and clear the two purple sphinx like things near the entrance, then go inside. Do NOT charge the room. If you can, pull the small mobs and kill them first. Then pull Mantikhoras to the center of the room and put shield tanks on him with pbt. Everyone else start hacking away at the pillars/obelisks. They start at 200% hp so if it doesn't go down immediately don't worry. Make sure Mantikhoras is underneath the pillars when they fall, as this will weaken him. The first time we got all four pillars down on him and killed him in 15 seconds with 40 epople. The second time we only got 2 of 4 on him and it took about 20 minutes with 40 people. Moral of the story: important to get the pillars in the right place.

Drops 5 keys to chests and Dust of Creation.
-written by Alcara Argenta on VN boards.

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