City of Camelot  

Start Zone: Black Mountains South
Start NPC:Bombard
Avg. Time:10 minutes
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Related Zones:
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Min Level:1
Max Level:1
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
(Average from 2 ratings)
Related NPCs:
  Lord Urqhart
  Master Frederick
Related Items:
  Assistant Necklace (Alb)
  Letter for Master Frederick
  Receipt for Bombard
  Scroll for Vault Keeper Urqhart
  Small Chest of Coins
  Ticket to Cotswold
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest is no longer given out.

This quest is currently disabled on the US servers.

Brief Dialog:
1) Bombard can be found at loc=32479,62585 Black Mountains South.
2) Zone into Camelot and /USE the Assistant Necklace from Bombard.
3) Talk with the Camelot Assistant that appeared from using the necklace. Click on [vault keeper] option when it is given.
4) Hand Lord Urqhart the Scroll for Vault Keeper Urqhart from Bombard and then the Small Chest of Coins.
5) Click on the Camelot Assistant to teleport back to the main gate.
6) Go back to Bombard and hand him the Receipt for Bombard from Urqhart, chat with him a bit more for your reward.

lvl 1 fighter received 26 experience, 2 silver and Recruit's Round Shield.

Bombard can be found at loc=32479,62585,3352 dir=254 Black Mountains South.

Bombard says, "I wanted to thank you again for delivering these vegetables to me. My horses and my family will be able to eat well these next few days. However, I am in need of yet another [favor], if you are so inclined."

Bombard says, "I have here a chest of coins that I need taken to the Vault Keeper inside of Camelot City. Since my stable is fairly busy, I don't have time to leave it, and by the time I do get a moment, the banker has gone home for the day. It's a simple [errand], really."

Bombard says, "I trust that you won't steal from me, so what do you say? Will you [do this] for me or not?"

Will you take these coins to Vault Keeper Urqhart in Camelot? [Level 1]
You have been given the City of Camelot quest.

Bombard says, "Oh thank you Vinde. This means a lot to me. Here, take this chest of coins, this scroll and this [necklace]."

You receive a Assistant Necklace from Bombard!
You receive a Small Chest of Coins from Bombard!
You receive a Scroll for Vault Keeper Urqhart from Bombard!
You are awarded 7 experience!

Bombard says, "The necklace was made by my wife, a Cabalist with the Academy. She is currently helping out with a few things in Avalon Marsh, or else she could take the money to the vault keeper, hehe. Anyhow, you'll need to USE the necklace once you're inside Camelot City. I'm sure your journal there will be able to help you out. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. Be sure to give the Vault Keeper the scroll. Good luck, and thank you again."

[Step #2] Bombard has given you a Chest of Coins he needs taken to the vault keeper. Make your way inside the gates of Camelot and /USE the item Bombard gave you. The gates of Camelot are between the two large stone soldiers near Bombard.
  • go past the two stone soldiers and zone into Camelot. You will get a message of "You have entered the North Gates of Camelot. USE your necklace now. To use an item, you can right click on the item and type /use.

  • [Step #3] You have successfully USED the necklace. Speak with the Camelot Assistant for further instructions.
  • You may have to turn around to see the Camelot Assistant, as he tends to appear behind you when you USE the necklace.

  • Camelot Assistant says, "Greetings to you. I am here to assist you on your journey through Camelot. Please listen [carefully] to my instructions."

    Camelot Assistant says, "I have a limited time duration. I will only be around for half a day (15 real life minutes), so please use me wisely. I can teleport you to various [trainers] within Camelot."

    Camelot Assistant says, "I know that you have been given the task of delivering Bombard's coins to the vault keeper. I can teleport you there as well. All you need to do is make a [choice]."

    Camelot Assistant says, "Where would you like to go to? The [paladin] trainer; the [armsman] trainer; the [reaver] trainer; the [mercenary] trainer or to the [vault keeper]?"
    Camelot Assistant says, "As you wish."
    You have entered Camelot Castle.

    [Step #4] Chose the destination you wish to know more about. If you do not need the Assistant, tell him to [go away] If you go straight to the Vault Keeper, be sure to hand him the scroll from Bombard.
  • If you click on one of the Assistants options you will be teleported to that NPC, and the Assistant will port with you so you can use him again. Very handy. Click the "Vault Keeper' option to proceed with the quest.

  • [Step #5] Speak with Lord Urqhart. Be sure to give him the note Bombard gave you.
  • In case you do not wish to use the Camelot Assistant, you can find Lord Urqhart at loc=27290,15732,8751 dir=5 Camelot Castle.

  • Lord Urqhart says, "Greetings friend. How may I be of assistance to you today?"

    Lord Urqhart says, "Ah, a note from Bombard. Excellent. I see he wishes to make a deposit. Alright then, just hand me the chest please."

    [Step #6] Hand the Small Chest of Coins over to Lord Urqhart.

    Lord Urqhart says, "My this is heavy. Business must be booming for him! Well, one moment and I will write you a receipt to take back to him."

    Vault Keeper Urqhart writes a note after counting all the coins in the chest.

    [Step #7] Wait for the Vault Keeper to finish counting the coins. If he stops speaking with you, ask him if he is [done] counting the coins.

    Lord Urqhart says, "Ah, I am now [done]."

    Lord Urqhart says, "Alright, here you are my friend, as promised. Please be sure to return it to Bombard. Have a nice day!"

    You receive a Receipt for Bombard from Lord Urqhart!

    [Step #8] Take the Receipt to Bombard outside the Camelot Gates. Ask your Camelot Assistant to transport you back to the [main gates].
  • The Camelot Assistant will not offer you other options for porting like earlier. When you get to Bombard, hand him the receipt.

  • Bombard says, "Ah, fantastic. I'm glad to know my money is now in a safe place. Thank you so much for doing that for me, and I hope the trip into Camelot was informative for you. Here, take this letter back to Master Frederick in Cotswold. I want for him to know what a fantastic job you did for me by delivering these vegetables from Ludlow, and for taking care of some business in Camelot for me. Thank you again Vinde. I hope we speak again soon."

    You receive a Ticket to Cotswold from Bombard!
    You receive a Letter for Master Frederick from Bombard!

    [Step #9] Take the horse back to Cotswold. Be sure to give Master Frederick the note from Bombard.
  • The horse will actually take you directly to Master Frederick.

  • Master Frederick says, "Ah, welcome back recruit Vinde. You've been gone a while. Are things alright?"

    Master Frederick says, "Ah, from Bombard. Let me see what is says. One moment please."
    Master Frederick reads the note from Bombard carefully.

    [Step #10] Wait for Master Frederick to finish reading the note from Bombard. If he stops speaking with you, ask him if he is [done] with the letter.

    Master Frederick says, "This note puts you in high regard Vinde. I'm glad to see that you are so willing to serve Albion and so ready to help her citizens. For your selfless acts of servitude, I have this [reward] for you."

    [Step #11] Wait for Master Frederick to reward you. If your trainer stops speaking with you at any time, ask him if there is a [reward] for your efforts.

    Master Frederick says, "You have shown that you are all that a recruit can hope to be. This token of my esteem and gratitude is but a fraction of the gratitude Albion will show you once you are a mighty warrior. Do not go far my young friend. I have more for you to do."

    You receive a Recruit's Round Shield from Master Frederick!
    You are awarded 26 experience!
    You are awarded 2 silver and some copper!

    Master Frederick says, "Don't wander too far my young recruit. There are more things for you to accomplish. Visit me when you have reached your second season."

    You have finished the City of Camelot quest.

  • Recruit's Round Shield -- fighter
  • Reward:
      Recruit's Round Shield (Alb) (old) (nld)

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