Delivery for the Priestess  

Start Zone: Inconnu Crypt
Start NPC:Rhuan
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Avg. Time:6 minutes
Related Zones:
  Roman Aqueducts
Min Level:5
Max Level:8
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Priestess Orna
Related Items:
  Rhuan's Directions
  Message for Orna
Last Updated:Thu Aug 26 21:31:45 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief walkthrough:
1) Speak with Rhuan at loc=23395,25831 in the Inconnu Crypt.
2) Go see Priestess Orna at loc=20045,15850 Roman Aqueducts and hand her the Message for Orna from Rhuan for your reward.

level 5 received 90 copper and 405 experience.

Dialog from the quest:
Speak with Rhuan at loc=23395,25831,16400 dir=122 in the Inconnu Crypt.

Rhuan says, "Greetings to you traveler. I am Rhuan, a recent graduate from the recruit program in Cotswold. I really enjoyed my time up there, but I was called back to the Crypts to help my fellow [Inconnu]."

Rhuan says, "In fact, I am supposed to be heading to the Aqueducts, but I have several other messages that are slightly more important. Do you think you could [deliver] this message to Orna in the Aqueducts for me?"

Will you deliver this message to Priestess Orna in the Aqueducts? [Levels 5-8]
You have been given the Delivery for the Priestess quest.

Rhuan says, "Oh thanks so much! This will give me time to get these other messages delivered. Now here, take this message. Let me give you [directions] to where she is."

You receive a Rhuan's Directions from Rhuan!
You receive a Message for Orna from Rhuan!

Rhuan says, "To get to Orna in the Aqueducts, you need to first head north from Staarzi, then east at the first intersection. Climb the ladders and head to the first intersection. Take the tunnel north. When you find Guard Trailaine, make your way up the large hole and keep heading north. Climb up yet another set of ladders and keep going north. You will see a Friar named Caraustram. When you see him, make your way west up the tunnel. You will see Priestess Orna across from Guard Baint. Thanks again Paladin. You're a real life saver!"

[Step #2] Deliver the scroll to Priestess Orna in the Aqueducts.
  • /USE Rhuan's Directions to get to Priestess Orna, though you may want to take a short cut and use the obelisk to port to the Roman Aqueducts and proceed from there. Priestess Orna can be found at loc=20045,15850,16587 dir=181Roman Aqueducts.

  • Priestess Orna says, "Yes? Can I help you?"

    (Hand Priestess Orna the Message for Orna from Rhuan.)

    Priestess Orna says, "Ah, from the elders. Thank you Gwierd. Here you are, for your efforts. I shall have to read this at once."

    You are awarded 405 experience!
    You are awarded 90 copper!
    You have finished the Delivery for the Priestess quest.

    (coin and experience was earned by a level 5)

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