Hats for Heroes  

Start Zone: Roman Aqueducts
Start NPC:Randol Hawley
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Avg. Time:5 minutes
Min Level:9
Max Level:13
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Plutonian Disciple
Related Items:
  Hawley's Hat
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Talk to Randol Hawley at loc=21344,12362 Roman Aqueducts
2) Kill 3 Plutonian Disciples, loc=20678,16165 Roman Aqueducts, while wearing Hawley's Hat.
3) Return to Randol Hawley to receive your reward.

lvl 10 received 12,800 experience and 2 silver.

Dialog from quest:
Talk to Randol Hawley at loc=21344,12362,16958 dir=224 Roman Aqueducts

Randol Hawley says, "Hello, and welcome to the lovely, stinky Aqueducts! See the beautiful architecture! Smell the amazing sewage! Step right up! Heh - I guess you can tell I've been down here a little too long, yeah? Well, I'm trying to help my brother's [business] out."

Randol Hawley says, "Now, you are probably thinking, how am I going to help someone's business by being in a sewer? Well, any brave adventurers that want to go farther down into the caves have to pass through here, so it's an ideal place to do some [marketing]!"

Randol Hawley says, "The business in question is my brother's hat trade. Hawley's hats, we call it. He sells out of the inn in Cotswold. Lately, business has been slow, so I offered to help him out by promoting his wares down here. This is where [you] come in."

Randol Hawley says, "I have this new idea for a promotion - I call it 'Hats for Heroes' - and I need a model, you might say. I'll pay you to do a suitably heroic deed while wearing one of Hawley's famous, high-quality hats, and that way, everyone will associate our hats with heroism. Before you know it, everyone will want to look like a hero in one of our hats! Are you interested in making some easy money?"

Will you help Randol promote his brother's hat business?
You have been given the Hats for Heroes quest.

Find out from Randol Hawley what [heroic deed] he wants you to perform while wearing on of Hawley's Hats.

Randol Hawley says, "Splendid! I can't wait to see how you look! Now, you're probably wondering what this [heroic deed] I referred to is."

Randol Hawley says, "Smiting the enemy, of course! Here - take this hat and put it on, then kill three plutonian disciples. Head down the ramp just west of me and then run south along the gulley. Go down one more ramp and you'll be in the area with the disciples. Come back to me when you're done and I'll pay you. And don't forget to wear the hat the entire time!"

You receive the Hawley's Hat from Randol Hawley!

[Step #2] First, put on Hawley's Hat. Then, kill three plutonian disciples. Randol, run west down the ramp, then run south along the gulley and down the next ramp.
  • Plutonian Disciples can be found around loc=20678,16165,16759 dir=134 Roman Aqueducts.

  • The plutonian disciple says, "Yeargh! No! I can't believe I've died to someone wearing a hat like that!

    [Step #3] While wearing Hawley's Hat, kill two more plutonian disciples. From Randol, run west down the ramp, then run south along the gulley and down the next ramp.

    The plutonian disciple says, "Hah! Even if you didn't kill me, I would have died from laughter!"

    [Step #4] While wearing Hawley's Hat, kill one more plutonian disciple. From Randol, run west down the ramp, then run south along the gulley and down the next ramp.

    The plutonian disciple says, "Slain by a Jester?! It's too shameful to be true!"

    [Step #5] Return to Randol Hawley to collect your reward.

    Randol Hawley says, "Well done, well done! And you didn't even get the hat dirty! No doubt the guards will be whispering tales of your heroic exploits to one another for days to come. Here's your payment, and thank you again for your help!"

    You are awarded 12,800 experience!
    You are awarded 2 silver and some copper!
    You have completed the Hats for Heroes quest!

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    LVL Min wrong?
    # Mar 18 2005 at 1:50 PM Rating: Decent
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    I received this quest as a lvl 9 Heretic..so lvl min. may be wrong on this one.
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