The Ambitious Guard  

Start Zone: Roman Aqueducts
Start NPC:Guard Zekatar
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Avg. Time:6 minutes
Min Level:9
Max Level:12
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Plutonian Acolyte
  Plutonian Disciple
  Plutonian Lurker
Related Items:
  Plutonian Postulate Ring
  2 Plutonian Postulate Rings
  3 Plutonian Postulate Rings
  4 Plutonian Postulate Rings
  5 Plutonian Postulate Rings
  6 Plutonian Postulate Rings
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Talk to Guard Zekatar at loc=20871,12353 Roman Aqueducts
2) Slay the plutonian acolytes and disciples, loc=20678,16165 Roman Aqueducts, for 6 Plutonian Postulate Rings.
3) Give the 6 Plutonian Postulate Rings to Guard Zekatar for your reward

lvl 10 received 12,800 experience and 3 silver.

Dialog from quest:
Talk to Guard Zekatar at loc=20871,12353,16960 dir=220 Roman Aqueducts

Guard Zekatar says, "You there, I could use your help in these desperate times of war, (your class). The plutonians have been attacking travelers passing through the Aqueducts trying to make it into the Deadlands of [Annwn]."

Guard Zekatar says, "We just cannot have these sorts of hostile activities, at least not on my watch. I wish to eventually travel back into Annwn as one of Arawn's personal servants. I can't become that with chaos abounding in territories assigned to me to [guard]."

Guard Zekatar says, "No, we just cannot have that. I have had enough of this nonsense. If you travel into the Aqueducts, slay a few plutonians, and bring me back proof of this deed then I will see to it you are rewarded some [money]. Care to accept this offer, (your class)?"

Will you slay plutonians for Guard Zekatar? [Levels 9-12]
You have been given the The Ambitious Guard quest.

[Step #1] Speak with Guard Zekatar about the plutonians in the Aqueducts.

Guard Zekatar says, "Praise to Arawn! I just knew that you would understand how much of a tragedy it would be for one such as me to not be promoted to Arawn's personal servant! Oh, I just cannot bear to even muse over such a [thought]!"

Guard Zekatar says, "Now onto business! Please travel south down the tunnel here and head east at the first branch in the tunnel. Go east until you find the plutonian acolytes and disciples. That entire hall is just crawling with plutonians. Ugh, [dreadful] creatures!"

Guard Zekatar says, "Find the plutonian acolytes and disciples and slay them until you collect six plutonian postulate rings. You can slay any of them, just be sure to bring me back six of their rings. Off you go now, it is time to make me look like the competent and loyal Inconnu that I am."

[Step #2] Go south down the tunnel near Guard Zekatar. Go east at the first tunnel intersection. At the next intersection, look to the south and north. Slay the plutonian acolytes and disciples for 6 Plutonian Postulate Rings.
  • Plutonian Disciples and Plutonian Acolyte can be found in and around loc=20678,16165,16759 dir=134 Roman Aqueducts.

  • [Step #3] Return to Guard Zekatar in the Aqueducts.

    Guard Zekatar says, "Ah, I see that my social status is already improving with your return. Please give me the 6 Plutonian Postulate Rings."

    [Step #3] Give Guard Zekatar the 6 Plutonian Postulate Rings to receive your reward.

    Guard Zekatar says, "Excellent. Very soon, I will have numerous tokens from the hostile creatures to turn in as proof of the success of my leadership skills. Thank you for your time, (your class). Take this money as a token of my appreciation. May Arawn Bless you."

    You are awarded 12,800 experience!
    You are awarded 3 silver and some copper!
    You have completed the The Ambitious Guard quest!

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