Trazlyna's Delivery  

Start Zone: Inconnu Crypt
Start NPC:Trazlyna
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Avg. Time:2 minutes
Related Zones:
  Roman Aqueducts
Min Level:18
Max Level:21
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
Related Items:
  Trazlyna's Directions
  Trazlyna's Potion
Last Updated:Sat Jun 30 23:00:14 2007
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Talk to Trazlyna at loc=18214,34770 Inconnu Crypt.
2) Travel to see Arioc, loc=21816,11846 Roman Aqueducts, and hand him Trazlyna's Potion from Trazlyna for your reward.

lvl 18 received 450,560 experience and 13 silver.

Dialog from quest:
Talk to Trazlyna at loc=18214,34770,16353 dir=265 Inconnu Crypt.

Trazlyna says, "Well met, (your class). I was wondering if you might have a bit of time to help me with something. I have [ a delivery] that must be made, but I am so busy making potions and poisons for our army down in the Deadlands that I don't have time to do it myself."

Trazlyna says, "I recently acquired some magical dust from the plutonian invokers in the Aqueducts. When I added the dust to one of my potions, it made it a very powerful weapon to use against our enemies. Our forces in the Deadlands have already begun using it with success. The Inconnu stationed in the Aqueducts have heard about this potion and have [ requested some] of it."

Trazlyna says, "One Inconnu in particular, is in a hurry for his potion. Arioc spends most of his time studying the tenebrae, but he has run-ins with the plutonians. He was thinking that some of my potion would help keep them away from him while he is working. As I said, I would make the delivery myself but I am very busy. Do you think you could [ make it] for me?"

Will you deliver the potion for Trazlyna? [Levels 18-21]
You have been given the Trazlyna's Delivery quest.

Trazlyna says, "Oh, you are a great help, (your class). Now, you probably know how to get through the Aqueducts, but in case you don't, I have a set of directions you can use. Take this potion on over to Arioc and he will pay you for delivering it. Thank you, (your class)."

You receive Trazlyna's Directions from Trazlyna!
You receive Trazlyna's Potion from Trazlyna!

[Step #1] Travel to Arioc near the Camelot entrance of the Aqueducts. If you need directions, use Trazlyna's Directions to help you. (To use an item, right-click it and type /use.)
  • Arioc is at loc=21816,11846,16958 dir=290 in the Roman Aqueducts.

  • You attempt to use Trazlyna's Directions.
    The Trazlyna's Directions reads, "Enter the Aqueducts and travel north until you reach an intersection. Go east up the ramp in the gulley and continue traveling east until you reach the ladder. Climb up the ladder and continue traveling east until you reach the next intersection. Then travel north to the next ladder. Climb up the ladder and continue north to the next ladder and climb up. Go north to the next intersection then travel west. At the next intersection, go north and then east."

    Arioc says, "What might I do for you, (your class)? I am waiting for a delivery from Trazlyna in the Upper Crypt, and don't really have time to chat."

    [Step #2] Give Trazlyna's Potion to Arioc.

    Arioc says, "Oh, my apologies, (your class). I didn't realize that Trazlyna had started hiring those from above to help with her deliveries. I hope you will forgive me for my rudeness but things are quite crazy down here. Please, take these coins with both my thanks and my apology."

    You are awarded 450,560 experience!
    You are awarded 13 silver and some copper!
    You have completed the Trazlyna's Delivery quest!

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