Past and the Present  

Start Zone: Roman Aqueducts
Start NPC:Guard T'rissyl
Catacombs expansion Required
Avg. Time:8 minutes
Min Level:4
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Animated Tenebrae
  Plutonian Aspirant
Related Items:
  Key to Thaan's Study Area
  Flask of Shadowy Essence
  Carved Likeness of Arawn
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Guard T'rissyl at loc=20882,11894 Roman Aqueducts.
2) Kill a Plutonian aspirant, loc=20936,12266 Roman Aqueducts, for his Carved Likeness of Arawn.
3) Go to loc=24080,16479 Roman Aqueducts and use the Key to Thaan's Study Area
4) Speak with Thaan, loc=23617,24719 Past and Present, and hand him the Carved Likeness of Arawn.
5) Watch Thaan's demonstration, then hand him the Flask of Shadowy Essence.
6) Kill the Animated Tenebrae Thaan summoned.
7) Speak with Thaan for your reward.

lvl 20 received 38,400 experience, 3 silver and Arawn's Servant's Ring.

Dialog from quest:
Speak with Guard T'rissyl at loc=20882,11894,16960 dir=354 Roman Aqueducts.

Guard T'rissyl says, "Hail, Briton. I am Guard T'rissyl of the Inconnu forces. May I ask your name?"

Type /whisper (your name)

Guard T'rissyl throws you an inhospitable glance.

Guard T'rissyl says, "Well, (your name) , you will find this lower realm to be quite different from your own surface dwelling. You must use discretion when traveling through the many dark and damp tunnels of the Aqueducts. There is [ danger] to be found for those who seek it and sometimes for those who do not seek it."

Guard T'rissyl says, "We have not yet learned about everything in regards to the Aqueducts. We have learned about the ancients, those who were, and we are still studying the present inhabitants, those who are. One of our lore masters named Thaan is in charge of the research in the [ Aqueducts] ."

Guard T'rissyl says, "Whenever any of us happens to come across something that we think may be of use to him, we deliver it to him so that he can study the item. He slowly unfolds the mysteries and [ origins] of the Aqueducts piece by piece."

Guard T'rissyl says, "I did find this strange item the other eve. I found it in a shadowy corner of the Aqueducts on one of my patrols. It seems to be some type of shadowy essence, though that is all I [ know] of it."

Guard T'rissyl says, "It is very old; you can tell by the wearing of the glass on the flask. I would like to have this delivered to lore master Thaan, but I am unable to make the [ trip] any time soon."

Guard T'rissyl looks at you with a hint of interest.

Guard T'rissyl says, "Thaan will provide recompense to any who brings him any items to study. I am unable to leave my post due to concerns which are my own. However, I am not particularly attached to this item, so if you would like, I can entrust it to you, and you can deliver it to Thaan. Would you like to earn some coin and a reward by performing this [ duty] ?"

Will you deliver the remnant to Thaan for Guard T'rissyl? [Level 4]
You have been given the Past and the Present quest.

[Step #1] Speak with Guard T'rissyl about delivering the remnant to Thaan.

Guard T'rissyl says, "Very well, (your name) . You will need to deliver the shadowy essence to Thaan inside the Aqueducts. He can be found inside one of the locked gates further down in the Aqueducts. To find him travel south of here and once you reach the intersection head east. The gate is on the side of the Aqueducts opposite of Carraustam. It is to the southeast of him. You will also need to perform one extra small chore before you visit [ Thaan] ."

Guard T'rissyl says, "He has been trying to study the ancient people who used to traverse these tunnels. Thaan seems to think he can find a remnant of these old ones on the plutonian aspirants who roam the Aqueducts. He mentioned that they carry totems. You should slay plutonian aspirants until you retrieve one of these [ totems] . They can be found to the northwest."

Guard T'rissyl says, "After you receive the totem go speak with Thaan. He is a very wise and powerful scholar. He will be able to unlock the past of the essence and totem. He may decide to enlighten you on some of this history as well. Be warned that he is a private man and will only speak to you if you are alone. You may take your leave to begin your [ journey] ."

Guard T'rissyl says, "Here is the Flask of Shadowy Essence and a key which you will need to use to get into Thaan's study area. He does not like to be disturbed. Be ever wary on this journey, (your name) . May your days continue until it is time to meet Arawn."

You receive the Key to Thaan's Study Area from Guard T'rissyl!
You receive the Flask of Shadowy Essence from Guard T'rissyl!

[Step #2] Slay a plutonian aspirant before you make your trip to Thaan. See if you can retrieve a toten from the aspirant. They can be found to the west northwest in the Aqueducts near the entrance from Camelot.
  • Plutonian aspirant found in and around loc=20936,12266,16697 dir=173 Roman Aqueducts

  • You receive the Carved Likeness of Arawn from the plutonian aspirant.

    [Step #3] Find Thaan. He is south of Guard T'rissyl. At the intersection go east until you see Caraustam. The gate is opposite of Caraustam to the southeast. Use the key to unlock the gate. (To use an item right click on it and type /use.)
  • Go to loc=24080,16479,16434 dir=171 Roman Aqueducts to use the key, you'll get a pop-up letting you know your in the right spot. When you use the key you will port to the Past and Present zone. Once there talk to Thaan, loc=23617,24719,16174 dir=272 Past and Present.

  • Thaan says, "Why do you disturb me in my studies, Briton?"

    Thaan looks at you with undisguised irritation.

    [Step #3] Inform the Guard T'rissyl asked you to [deliver some remnants] for her. If you need to exit the area, exit through the gate to the southeast of Thaan.

    Thaan says, "T'rissyl sent word that she had a remnant for me to study. Please overlook my terseness, Briton. Under Arawn's command, I have devoted my days and nights to history and my studies. My contact with the present and my realm fellows is rare and more of an inconvenience to me than anything, as my research is my passion. Well, out with it then. What do you have for me?"

    [Step #3] Give Thaan the Carved Likeness of Arawn.If you need to exit the area, exit through the gate to the southeast of Thaan.

    Thaan says, "I have unlocked many secrets of old from my studies, and this is one that I have already uncovered. The Aqueducts were not always the elaborate system of man made structures that they are now. They were once a series of caves which were traveled by an ancient people who were searching for a passage into [ Annwn] ."

    Thaan takes the carved likeness of Arawn and studies it thoughtfully.

    Thaan says, "These people felt that their discovery of these caves was a sign that Arawn wanted them to find an entry into Annwn. One of them, named [Cadfael] , felt he was the chosen one."

    Thaan lets out a brief bemused chuckle.

    Thaan says, "He devoted all of his days searching the many passages of the caves for Annwn. He never found this passage, but this did not shake him or his people's faith. They continued to diligently [ worship] Arawn"

    Thaan says, "These ancient people were called Arawnites. Where you current Camelot stands, a magnificent temple once stood, one dedicated to Arawn which the Arawnites used for their religious shows of devotion. Allow me to [ demonstrate] ..."

    [Step #3] Speak with Thaan about the Carved Likeness of Arawn and watch him demonstrate some of the history behind the totem. If you need to exit the area, exit through the gate to the southeast of Thaan.

    Thaan recites an incantation and splashes some drops of a shimmering liquid on the ground. He appears to fall into a trance like state.

    Thaan says, "As you can see, the Arawnites used the temple to make human sacrifices to Arawn. They loved and worshipped Arawn above all else. These caves and the lands of upper Albion were inhabited long before the current people and were used for very different purposes. Now, leave me be for a short moment. These little displays tire me a bit. Don't run off anywhere, I will be right with you. I just need a brief moment to collect my wits."

    [Step #3] Give Thaan the Flask of Shadowy Essence. If you need to exit the area, exit through the gate to the southeast of Thaan.

    Thaan says, "How peculiar...this is something that I have not studied before. I shall check this over a bit, this is very interesting. I suppose I might as well just see what it holds. I shall perform some of my magic for you [ once] more."

    Thaan removes the lid of the flask containing the shadowy essence and drops some shimmering liquid into the flask. He spills some drops of the shadowy combined essence onto the ground.

    A form rises up from the shadowy essence.

    Thaan looks slightly surprised. His look turns back to that of indifference and he sighs, 'That was not at all what I had envisioned would happen. I suppose you had better do something about it . Don't just stand there and let it beat on you.'

    [Step #4] You must slay the Animated Tenebrae. If he disappears speak with Thaan again.

    [Step #5] Speak with Thaan to receive your reward for giving him the remnants. Exit through the gate to the southeast of Thaan.

    Thaan says, "That was most interesting, Briton. You have given me an item that will provide me with many hours of study. I must learn more of these creatures and unlock their [ secrets] ."

    Thaan says, "Now, if you will please pardon me, you have taken up enough of my time. Take this money and ring for the remnants that you brought me. You may exit through the gate to the southeast of here. May blessings of Arawn be upon you."

    You are awarded 38,400 experience!
    You are awarded 3 silver and some copper!
    You receive Arawn's Servant's Ring from Thaan!
    You have completed the Past and the Present quest!

      Arawn's Servant's Ring

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    Past and Present
    # Nov 16 2006 at 12:30 PM Rating: Decent
    2 posts
    Thaan would never accept the flask....I ported in and out 4 times. <remove> quest :(
    Pas and Present
    # Mar 27 2006 at 12:04 AM Rating: Decent
    Talked to Thaan several times but he would never take the flask. Any ideas?
    Yellowjacket Tauran Warrior lvl 65
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    i cant get him to
    # Jun 01 2005 at 11:00 PM Rating: Decent
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    accept the flask so i went out, now im stuck trying to reneter the study~! aarrrg buggy stinky quest!
    im ADDICTED to trifecta!
    Past and Present
    # May 13 2005 at 6:10 PM Rating: Decent
    7 posts
    The quest's easy enough, and the item's good, but it's a little buggy. I found Thaan a little unresponsive so I had to leave the mini dungeon and re-enter it a few times.
    level 4?
    # Mar 29 2005 at 1:17 PM Rating: Decent
    1 post
    my level 4 mage just got wiped away by the animated thing the whole time maybe will try when she is higher if I can. Have given away the remenant now
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