Laying the Dead to Rest  

Start Zone: Deadlands of Annwn (Alb)
Start NPC:Sentry Bay
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Avg. Time:4 minutes
Min Level:20
Max Level:23
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related Items:
  Male Inconnu Body
  Female Inconnu Body
Last Updated:Tue Aug 3 23:11:31 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Sentry Bay at loc=30315,9117 Deadlands of Annwn.
2)Travel to loc=25574,9868 Deadlands of Annwn and /BURY the male and female Inconnu bodies.
3) Return to Sentry Bay for your reward.

lvl 22 received 1,115,000 experience and 17 silver.

Dialog from quest:
Speak with Sentry Bay at loc=30315,9117,16016 dir=291 Deadlands of Annwn.

Sentry Bay says, "Greetings to you friend. I am Sentry Bay. Who might you be?"

Type /whisper (your name)

Sentry Bay says, "Ah, (your name), is it? It's very nice to meet you, even if you do come here in these [desperate times]."

Sentry Bay says, "There is war, ever raging, ever constant, in these Deadlands. Once the restful home to Arawn, it is now teeming with the creature we dare not [speak of]."

Sentry Bay says, "I have slain many of my possessed kin while here. I have put their tortured souls to rest. I weep inside, for I must keep a stern look to me, lest the other soldiers here lose their [faith]."

Sentry Bay says, "I was given permission to bury these poor creatures in consecrated soil, but I have no time in which to do it. I want these Inconnu to have the best [afterlife] they can."

Sentry Bay says, "If you could take some time out of your busy schedule to bury these Inconnu for me, I would be forever appreciative, and reward you for your time. What do you say? Will you [bury these Inconnu] for me?"

Will you help Sentry Bay lay these dead possessed Inconnu to rest? [Levels 20-23]
You have been given the Laying the Dead to Rest quest.

Sentry Bay says, "Ah! Thank you (your name). Your generosity and selflessness in this act are overwhelming. I know the spirits of the Inconnu you bury will be forever [thankful]."

You receive the Female Inconnu Body from Sentry Bay!
You receive the Male Inconnu Body from Sentry Bay!

Sentry Bay says, "The consecrated ground is to the west of me, near a small group of mausoleums. Thank you friend. Please come back to me when you are done."

[Step #2] Make your way west from Sentry Bay, near the small group of mausoleums. That is where the consecrated ground is. When you are there, start to /BURY the bodies.
  • Travel to loc=25574,9868,15885 dir=217 Deadlands of Annwn, you will get a pop up telling you: "This is the consecrated ground Sentry Bay told you about. You must now /BURY the bodies." becareful getting there, as there are Decomposing Hounds along the way there, they are aggressive and con yellow and orange to a level 22.

  • You begin to bury the female Inconnu body.

    You have successfully buried the first body into the consecrated ground. You must now bury the second body.

    [Step #2] Now you must /BURY the second Inconnu body.

    You begin to bury the male Inconnu body.

    You have successfully buried the last body into the consecrated ground. Return to Sentry Bay.

    [Step #3] Return to Sentry Bay in the Deadlands for your reward.

    Sentry Bay says, "Thank you Friar, for doing the Inconnu such a great service. I am sure Arawn will help them in their afterlife. Please take this as a token of my esteem. I hope we will meet again soon friend."

    You are awarded 1,115,000 experience!
    You are awarded 17 silver and some copper!
    You have completed the Laying the Dead to Rest quest!

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    The spot is N-NW of those mausoleums. Maybe 20 feet back. You'll be out of aggro range of the purple mobs around it.
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