Repairs are Needed  

Start Zone: Abandoned Mines (Alb)
Start NPC:Mardelen
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Avg. Time:5 minutes
Min Level:21
Max Level:23
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related Items:
  Iron Nails
  Carpenter's Hammer
Last Updated:Tue Aug 3 23:12:14 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Mardelen at loc=23711,23514 Abandoned Mines.
2) Go to loc=34416,35804 Abandoned Mines and /use the hammer.
3) Go to loc=22067,35801 Abandoned Mines and /use the hammer.
4) Return to Mardelen to receive your reward.

lvl 22 received 1,115,000 experience and 19 silver.

Dialog from quest:
Speak with Mardelen at loc=23711,23514,17634 dir=336 Abandoned Mines.

Mardelen says, "Greetings young Friar. I have a task for you if you are willing to [listen]."

Mardelen says, "East Track Three and West Track Two are in need of some repairs. Do you think you could go out and fix them for me?"

Will you repair the two mine tracks? [Levels 21-23]
You have been given the Repairs are Needed quest.

Mardelen says, "Good. Here, take this hammer and these nails. USE them to repair the tracks."

You receive the Carpenter's Hammer from Mardelen!
You receive Iron Nails from Mardelen!

[Step #1] Head down the eastern wind of the mines. Go to East Track Three and USE the hammer.
  • Go to loc=34416,35804,17580 dir=272 Abandoned Mines and /use the hammer.

  • You use the hammer and nails and repair some boards that have become loose.

    [Step #2] Head over to the west wing of the mines. Find West Track Two and USE the Hammer and nails to repair the track.
  • Go to loc=22067,35801,18430 dir=260 Abandoned Mines and /use the hammer.

  • You shore up one of the tracks supports.

    [Step #3] Return to Mardelen and let him know that you have finished repairing the track.

    Mardelen says, "I can't believe you are done already. Hand me the hammer please."

    Mardelen says, "Here is your compensation. Have a good day."

    You are awarded 1,115,000 experience!
    You are awarded 19 silver and some copper!
    You have completed the Repairs are Needed quest!

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    # May 06 2005 at 8:12 AM Rating: Decent
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    I attempted this quest before I'd really explored any of the Abandoned Mines. I didn't have a clue where any of the tunnels were, and I found myself wandering about aimlessly for ages and finally got killed by Lur'tai as I ran into him by accident.

    I wouldn't recommend this quest unless you know where you're going.

    East track three is the long horizontal one bottom right and can be accessed by heading east from the top of the ramp towards Tepok's, south towards Keltoi and it's the road to the west towards Cordova. You'll have to go back the way you came otherwise you'll run into Lur'tai.

    West track two is the long horizontal one bottom left, but doesn't appear to be connected to East Track Three. It can be accessed from uptairs heading south towards Mithra then it's the road to the west towards Glasthin Forge, or from the bottom heading west towards Stonehenge, South towards Glashtin Forge then it's to the east towards Mithra. There aren't any scary aggro monsters on the West tracks as far as I could tell.

    Edited, Fri May 6 09:17:35 2005
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