Gnoll Bounty  

Start Zone: Inconnu Crypt
Start NPC:Drogama
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Avg. Time:10 minutes
Related Zones:
  Deadlands of Annwn (Alb)
Min Level:24
Max Level:26
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
(From 1 rating)
Related NPCs:
  Canis Ater Pup
Related Items:
  Canis Ater Scalp
Last Updated:Wed Apr 8 22:40:00 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Talk to Drogama at loc=24647,22587 Inconnu Crypt
2) Kill Canis ater pups, near loc=31957,12645 Deadlands of Annwn, until you have collected 3 Canis Ater Scalps.
3) Return to Drogama and hand him the scalps to receive your reward.

lvl 24 received 2,000,000 experience and 49 silver.

Dialog from quest:
Talk to Drogama at loc=24647,22587,16400 dir=284 Inconnu Crypt

Drogama says, "Greetings (your name). Have you come to inquire about the [bounty]?"

Drogama says, "If you bring me three gnoll scalps, I will give you a reward of coin. Are you interested?"

Will you take the gnoll bounty? [Levels 24-26]
You have been given the Gnoll Bounty quest.

Drogama says, "Good. What we are looking for right now are scalps from the canis ater pups. You can find them throughout the Deadlands of Annwn. Return to me when you have three scalps."

[Step #1] Enter the Deadlands and find some canis ater pups. Kill them and collect three scalps. The can be found south of the entrance to the Inconnu Crypt.
  • Canis ater pups can be found near loc=31957,12645,15983 dir=97 Deadlands of Annwn.

  • [Step #2] Return to Drogama in the Inconnu Crypt. Hand him the first Canis Ater Scalp when he asks for it.

    Drogama says, "Back so soon (your name)? Do you have the scalps?"

    Drogama says, "Well, that's one. There should be a total of three if you expect your bounty."

    [Step #2] Hand Drogama the second scalp.

    Drogama says, "You know, you only get the bounty for three. Do you have one more scalp?"

    [Step #2] Give Drogama the last scalp.

    Drogama says, "You have truly earned this bounty. Here is your coin as promised."

    You are awarded 2,000,000 experience!
    You are awarded 49 silver and some copper!
    You have completed the Gnoll Bounty quest!

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