Arrows for Samwell Hornly  

Start Zone: Camelot Hills
Start Location:Cotswold Village
Start NPC:Samwell Hornly
Type:Mini Quest
Avg. Time:4 minutes
Min Level:4
Max Level:8
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Decayed Zombie
Related Items:
  Bundle of Decayed Zombie Legs
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Samwell Hornly at loc=12426, 26429, 2445 in Cotswold Village
2) Go to loc=19364,43425 Camelot Hills and kill decaying zombies and obtain two bundles of legs from them.
3) Return to Samwell Hornly and hand him the Bundles of Decayed Zombie Legs when he asks for the to receive your reward.

lvl 7 received 2,200 experience and 67 copper.

Dialog from quest:
Speak with Samwell Hornly at loc=12426, 26429, 2445 in Cotswold Village

Samwell Hornly says, "Greetings to you, young Paladin. I was wondering if I might have a few minutes of your time. I have [a matter] I need some help with. Unfortunately I have been unable to find anyone to help me so far."

Samwell Hornly says, "Until a few years ago, I was a scout for the Defenders of Albion. I spent my time out in the Frontiers, looking for invaders from Midgard and Hibernia. Because of my skills, I was chosen to lead a group of Defenders in an attack on Dun nGed Watchtower. While the attack was a success and we took the tower, I [barely survived]."

Samwell Hornly says, "A stray arrow from a Hibernian ranger just missed my heart. I was brought back to Castle Sauvage where I was healed enough to travel here to Cotswold Village. Once I recovered, I asked to leave the Defenders. My superiors agreed to let me go, but asked if I would continue to help them in [any way] I could."

Samwell Hornly says, "They were in need of good arrows for their scouts, since the scouts on in the Frontiers rarely have time to make their own arrows. I agreed and the Defenders set up a nice little shop for me here. Between them and the residents of Cotswold, I barely have time to keep up with their demands. That's where [you can] help me."

Samwell Hornly says, "I am running low on supplies for making my special arrows for the Defenders. They are slightly different than the ones I sell, so I can't just get the supplies anywhere. If you have some time, I would be willing [to pay you] to retrieve some supplies for me. Are you interested?"

Will you help Samwell Hornly obtain the supplies she needs? [Levels 4-8]
You have been given the Arrows for Samwell Hornly quest.

[Step #1] Speak with Samwell Hornly to learn what you must obtain for her.

Samwell Hornly says, "Wonderful! I am so pleased that you will help me. I shall make sure that the Defenders know that you are a loyal subject of Albion. Now, let's not waste any time. I have many arrow heads and feathers for the shaft, but I am low on the [shafts] themselves."

Samwell Hornly says, "I have tried many different things for the shafts in my attempt to make special arrows for the Defenders. Surprisingly, the leg bones of decayed zombies seem to make lightweight but strong shafts for arrows. If you can bring me two bundles of [decayed zombie] legs, you will be helping me out quite a bit."

Samwell Hornly says, "To find the decaying zombies, leave this building and head south to the river. Follow the bank of the river south, taking care to avoid the river sprites. There is a graveyard along the river, south of here. You'll find the decayed zombies there as well as on the hill northeast of the graveyard. Return to me when you have two bundles of decayed zombie legs, please."

[Step #1 & 2] Find the decaying zombies and obtain two bundles of legs from them. From Samwell Hornly, head south along the river's edge to the graveyard. They can also be found on the hill NE of the graveyard. Watch out for river sprites!
  • Decaying zombies can be found in and around loc=19364,43425,2386 dir=75 Camelot Hills.

  • [Step #3] Return to Samwell Hornly in Cotswold Village. From the graveyard, head north until you reach Yetta's shop.

    Samwell Hornly says, "Welcome back, young (your name). Please give me one bundle of decaying zombie legs."

    [Step #4] Give Samwell Hornly a Bundle of Decayed Zombie Legs.

    Samwell Hornly says, "Thank you, (your name). Now, please hand me the other bundle of decaying zombie legs."

    [Step #4] Give Samwell Hornly the second Bundle of Decayed Zombie Legs.

    Samwell Hornly says, "Wonderful! I shall begin right away on making the new arrows for the Defenders of Albion. Please take these coins with my thanks as well as the thanks of the Defenders! "

    You are awarded 405 experience!
    You are awarded 67 copper!
    You have completed the Arrows for Samwell Hornly quest!
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    Scalable XP
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    Experience is scalable: somewhat less at lower levels (145 when I did it).
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