Against the Grain  

Submitted by:Rojer of Igraine
Start Zone: Camelot Hills
Start Location:Cotswold Village
Start NPC:Laridia the Minstrel
Type:Mini Quest
Min Level:1
Max Level:4
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Farmer Asma
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Speak to Laridia the Minstrel, who can be found outside the eastern-most house in Cotswold, on the south side of the road. Laridia the Minstrel says, "Good day, friend. Have you spent much time travelling our [realm]."

Laridia the Minstrel says, "If you haven't, then you should take an excursion. I've never been the kind of personthat can spend her entire life in one place. I relish change and new experiences! If I had more time, I'd share my stories with you, but I'm [occupied] at the moment."

Laridia the Minstrel says, "I heard a disturbing rumour yesterday. It seems that a farmer with a longstanding lease near Vetusta Abbey was recently evicted from the land. Fields where she used to grow barley are now serving as the site for the debut of a new [sport]."

Laridia the Minstrel says, "Yes, it seems that 'pig herding' is taking Albion by storm. I'm always interested in new amusements, but I don't think that it's right for these things to cost people their livelihoods. Do you have time to investigate this rumor for me?"

Will you investigate Minstrel Larida's story? [Levels 1-4]
You have been given the Against the Grain quest.

Laridia the Minstrel says, "Thank you for agreeing to help me. The man I spoke with would only say that the farmer was staying in a small camp to the northeast of Cotswold. See if you can locate her and verify her story."

[Step #2] Find Farmer Asma in the small camp to the northeast of Cotswold. The camp should be near the portal to the Shrouded Isles. Right click on Asma to begin a conversation with her.

Farmer Asma says, "Hello, adventurer. Pardon me if I do not seem enthusiastic about meeting you, but a terrible thing has just [happened]."

You start to ask Farmer Asma if she's the person Minstrel Larida was talking about, that farmer continues speaking before you can organize your thoughts.

Farmer Asma says, "You see, I used to lease land close to Vetusta Abbey, where I raised barley. Being a farmer never made me wealthy, but it was satisfying. I never had any problems with the Church or my neighbors, so I was shocked when the Abbey asked me to [leave]."

Farmer Asma says, "They said they need the land for something else, but they never mentioned the details. I packed up and left, coming to Cotswold in search of a new plot to lease. Days later, I learned the Church had given the land to people promoting a new [sport]."

Farmer Asma says, "A game, can you believe it? I was curious, so I attended a match. When I could see through the crowds of garishly-dressed gentry, it looked to me like a bunch of men chasing pigs around with sticks! I don't understand, but it's quite [popular]."

Farmer Asma says, "I can remember playing something similar in my childhood on the farm, but suddenly, it's become a bona fide sport. I just... well, I don't understand why they had to take away my farm for a silly [diversion]."

Farmer Asma roars in rage.

Farmer Asma says, "I'm sure it will fade from popularity within a few months. All fads do, and then where will I be? Most likely, I'll still be trying to reestablish myself elsewhere. Well, I need to get back to what I was doing. Thank you for lending sympathetic ear."

[Step #3] Now that you've spoken to Farmer Asma and learned that Larida's story is true, return to Minstrel Larida in Cotswold and speak with her.

You tell Larida that the rumor of the displaced farmer is true, and that Farmer Asma is searching for a way to reestablish herself.

Laridia the Minstrel says, "I had a feeling this rumor might turn out to be true. It angers me that Farmer Asma didn't enter into consideration when the pig herders where looking for a field. We'll have to find a way to help her get back on her [feet]."

Laridia the Minstrel says, "I'm going to see if I can think of a way to help Farmer Asma. You might want to check back with her later, too, as she may have her own ideas. In the meantime, here's a bit of coin for your help."

You have completed the Against the Grain quest!
You are awarded 20 experience!
You are awarded 27 copper!

lvl 4 received 5 experience
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Experience granted
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For a level 4 fighter this was worth a whole 5 experience, plus the 27 CP.
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