A Message to the Manes  

Submitted by:Rojer of Igraine
Start Zone: Camelot Hills
Start Location:Prydwen Keep
Start NPC:Sir Jerem
Type:Mini Quest
Min Level:9
Max Level:12
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Manes Demon (Alb)
Last Updated:Wed Apr 8 23:04:57 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Speak to Sir Jerem. He is the keep Lord and is found inside the central building.

Sir Jerem says, "Hello again, (your class). Pardon me for not taking note of your presence earlier, but I've been considering how best to approach a new problem. Albion has no lack of enemies, and we must be vigilant in our defence against [each]."

Sir Jerem says, "The forces of Midgard, Hibernia, the demons of Darkness Falls, the Drakoran, and Morgana's twisted legions all crave the destruction of our kingdom. So far, we have managed to fend them off, but we cannot count on [luck] to guide us."

Sir Jerem says, "We have skilled soldirs and commanders, but if our enemies should decide to unite, I fear they would overrun us. The denizens of Darkness Falls have begun to venture beyond the confines of their dungeon. We must act to [contain] them."

Will you help Sir Jerem dissuade the Manes demons from leaving Darkness Falls? [Levels 9-12]
You have been given the A Message to the Manes quest.

Sir Jerem says, "It heartens me to know that I can count on your help. Because we cannot devote many resources to dealing with the demons, the first part of my plan calls for us to deliver a warning message to these [demons]."

[Step #1] Continue speaking to Sir Jerem about his plans to drive back the [demons] escaping from Darkness Falls.

Sir Jerem says, "Our scouts have reported that two kinds of demons, the Grumoz and the Manes, have ventured outside the portal. Slay two of the Manes to show the demon princes that Albion will not suffer their presence in its [lands]."

Sir Jerem says, "The Darkness Falls portal is to the east of Prydwen Keep, beyond the bridge. If you have trouble locating it, don't forget that it is marked on your map."

[Step #2] Travel east from Prydwen Keep, past the bridge, to the Darkness Falls portal and kill two Manes demons. If you have trouble locating the portal, you can access your map by typing /map.

You will find Darkness Falls where indicated, and will see two Manes Demons standing guard outside the entrance to the keep. These are the easiest targets.

Kill the two Manes Demons.

[Step #3] You've killed two Manes demons. Return to Sir Jerem at Prydwen Keep to the west and speak with him.

Sir Jerem says, "You've returned! I must admit, (your name). I was beginning to get a little worried. Were you able to kill the two Manes [demons]?"

You tell Sir Jerem that you were successful in your mission.

Sir Jerem says, "Well done! I'll have my scouts monitor the area around the portal in the coming days to see if your actions had the intended effect. I'd be a fool to believe they would give up easily, but at least they will know that we are aware of their [presence]."

Sir Jerem says, "Thank you again for all your help. I wish I could offer you a greater payment for your services, but as it is, our gold is stretched thin. Please accept this money along with the thanks of the people of Prydwen Keep."

You have completed the A Message to the Manes quest!
You are awarded 12,800 experience!
You are awarded 1 silver and some copper!

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