Arleigh's Assistant  

Submitted by:Rojer of Igraine
Start Zone: Camelot Hills
Start Location:Prydwen Keep
Start NPC:Arleigh Penn
Min Level:6
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Emerald Snake
  River Spriteling
  Undead Filidh
  Undead Filidh
Related Items:
  Worm Rot
  Green Skin
  Spriteling Toes
Last Updated:Mon Oct 29 21:50:40 2007
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Here follows a new quest in Albion Camelot, as per patch 1.76, available in Prydwen Keep. This particular quest is intended as a low-level replacement for the old Camdene's Components.

Speak to Arleigh Penn, a dye merchant, who can be found amongst all the merchants around the back of the central building.

Arleigh does a little dance of celebration.

Arleigh Penn says, "Greetings and salutations, my fine friend. I am the one, the only, Arleigh, dyemaster extraordinaire! I have just finished developing a vast collection of [new dyes] through my refinement of the arts!"

Arleigh Penn says, "Yes, new dyes! Tired of that old orange, that boring blue, that tired worn-out green? Well, take a look at what my friend Arthw and I have! We [carry the finest] selection of dyes in the land."

Arleigh Penn says, "No one else in this area carries dyes as fine as ours! You can believe me, I am an honest man. In fact, I will prove how honest I am to you. I will give you a dye free – yes free – if you but help me with [a small problem]."

Arleigh Penn says, "When I was gathering materials to create these new, exciting dyes, I only gathered enough to create a test lot. That lot is almost gone, and Arthw and I have been so busy that neither of us has had time to go collecting. If you would be so kind as to gather a few things for me, I will give you a pot of dye free of charge, plus throw in a few coins for your trouble. Does that [sound good] to you?"

Will you help Arleigh find the components he needs for new dyes? [Level 6]
You have been given the Arleigh's Assistant quest.

Arleigh Penn says, "Wonderful! Now I only need three things really… simple things to make these dyes. Each one can be found around here. Shall I [list them] for you?"

[Step #0] Talk with Dyemaster Arleigh Penn about the components he needs for his dyes.

Arleigh Penn says, "I need spriteling toes from a river spriteling. When you dry them out, grind them up, and mix them with other components I shall keep secret, they make a wonderful light green dye that Arthw sells. Now, for the [next item]."

Arleigh Penn says, "The dark gray dye I make comes from none other than worm rot. Can you believe it? I have developed a special process that extracts and purifies the color for a true dark gray. The worm rot can be found on undead fildhs, what else? Once you have the spriteling toes and the worm rot, search for an [emerald snake]."

Arleigh Penn says, "These snakes are born green and spend all day in the green grass. I need some of that snake skin. When it is refined, it makes a fantastic royal green color. There are your three items. Return to me when you have them all!"

Arleigh bows to you.

[Step #1] Search the river banks in Camelot Hills for a river spriteling. Get its toes for Arleigh.
  • Search along the river banks to find a river spriteling and kill it. Avoid one that is partnered by a higher level river sprite.

  • The river spriteling dies!
    You receive the Spriteling Toes from the river spriteling!

    [Step #2] Find an undead fildh at the circle of stones near Darkness Falls. Get some worm rot from it for Arleigh.
  • If you open up your map of Camelot Hills you will see a circle of stones marked in between Darkness Falls and Mithra Tomb. The undead fildh are found there. Be careful because the are aggressive to you, and you may get add ons.

  • The undead fildh dies!
    You receive Worm Rot from the undead fildh!

    [Step #3] Get some green skin from an emerald snake. They can be found in the grass one the other side of Salisbury Bridge.
  • You can cross over the bridge to hunt an emerald snake, but they are also found in all the fields between Salisbury Bridge and Prydwen Keep.

  • The emerald snake dies!
    You receive the Green Skin from the emerald snake!

    [Step #4] Return to Dyemaster Arleigh Penn in Prydwen Keep. Take the spriteling toes, worm rot, and green skin with you.

    Arleigh Penn says, "Welcome back, my friend (your name). I can tell already you've had luck finding the items I requested. How about you hand over those spriteling toes? Arthw is getting very low on the light green dye."

    [Step #5] Turn in the spriteling toes to Arleigh.

    Give the toes to him.

    You are awarded 5,120 experience!

    Arleigh Penn says, "Ah, these toes are perfect, and quite large too! Arthw will be able to make this into quite a bit of dye."

    Arleigh hands the spriteling toes over to Arthw, who begins to prepare them.

    Arleigh Penn says, "He'll get to work on that right now. Now, do you have the worm rot for me? I'm getting very low on dark gray dye."

    [Step #6] Turn in the worm rot to Arleigh.

    Give the rot to him.

    Arleigh Penn says, "Oh, this is superb rot! It will make the most brilliant shade of gray. I am very pleased! Now for the final item, the green skin."

    [Step #7] Turn in the green skin to Camdene. * looks like a quest typo here*

    Arleigh Penn says, "Excellent! This skin will keep me in business for quite a while. I am very pleased with your work. Now, here is the reward I promised. I hope the dye meets with your approval. I worked very hard to prepare it especially for you! Fare thee well, (your name)!"

    You have completed the Arleigh's Assistant quest!
    You are awarded 2,560 experience!
    You are awarded 1 silver and some copper!
    You receive light red cloth dye from Arleigh Penn!

    Note that it will be a random light coloured cloth dye you will receive.

    as of patch 1.90 reward is 6silver 21 copper and light green cloth dye
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    As of Aug. 8, 2009, the undead filidhs are outside the Tomb of Mithra. The circle of stones mentioned above has undead druids, which are different.
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