Scout's Revenge  

Submitted by:Shallot
Start Zone: Underground Forest (Alb)
Start NPC:Ga'vielle
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Min Level:39
Max Level:41
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Ghosted Hound (Alb)
Last Updated:Thu Aug 23 00:32:38 2007
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

I received the Scout's Revenge (Albion) quest from Ga'vielle in Albion's Underground Forest at 11K/11K. This mini-quest is for levels 39-41. I was at level 41 when I completed it.

Ga'vielle says, "Blast those [cursed hounds]! I swear, if I never see another one of those vile things again I shall die a happy Inconnu!

Ga'vielle says, "Sorry for the outburst, (your class here), but the hounds that roam the Lower Crypt aggravate me. Sometimes I think they are worse than the possessed inconnu we must deal with day in and day out. And to think that once those hounds were the spawn of Arawn's original hounds. Who would have thought they would turn out [like this]?"

Ga'vielle says, "They have become ensnared in the same evil that grips the Inconnu of the Lowe Crypt, Reaver (your class here). The hounds were never what I would call friendly, but they were never mindless killers like they are now. A group of scouts just returned from the Lower Crypt. They reported that they had [lost two scouts] - both to those evil hounds."

Ga'vielle says, "The scouts were well hidden, as they should have been, but those hounds have noses like I have never heard of before. They were able to sniff out some of my best spies even though they were shielded and protected by layers of magic. Something must be done about them [before they kill] any more of my men and women!"

Ga'vielle says, "I know! I shall offer a bounty for the destruction of those hounds. I will payh anyone who brings me two tails from the hounds. Two hounds in exchange for two lost scouts. Does that [sound good] to you, (your class here)?"

You have been given the Scout's Revenge (Albion) quest. [Levels 39-41]
You receive Ga'vielle's Directions from Ga'vielle!

[Step #1] Head south to the entrance to the Lower Crypt. Then /use Ga'vielle's Directions to find the ghosted hounds. Get the tail of one of them. (To use an item, right-click on it and type /use.)

The Gavielle's Directions reads, "When you enter the Lower Crypt, go south to the corner, then east. Cross the bridge that goes east, then the one that goes south. Continue east to the corner then go south again, then east again. At the next corner, go south. That part is dangerous, so you might want to bring a friend. At the next corner, go west, then north. That is where you will find the ghosted hounds.

You receive the Ghosted Hound Tail from the ghosted hound! (Found several at Lower Crypt, at 21.2K/24.5K.)

[Step #2] /Use Ga'vielle's Directions to find the ghosted hounds in the Lower Crypt. Get another tail from one of them. (To use an item, right-click on it and type /use.)

You receive the Ghosted Hound Tail from the ghosted hound!

[Step #3] Return to Ga'vielle in the northwest corner of the Underground Forest.

Ga'vielle says, "So, (your class here), I have had many takers so far for my hound-bounty. Were you able to find any left alive? Why don't you give me one of the tails now if you were able to get even one?

[Step #4] Give the first Ghosted Hound Tail to Ga'vielle.

Ga'vielle says, "This tail is for you Komtan. This fine (your class here) has avenged your death. Komtan shall rest easier in with Arawn tonight knowing that there is one less ghosted hound in the world. But to collect the bounty you must give me the second tail."

[Step #5] Give Ga'vielle the second Ghosted Hound Tail.

Ga'vielle says "Very good, (your class here). The other scout that died, Tavtai, would be pleased to know that you have avenged her death. Here is the bounty I promised you, (your class here). Perhaps sometime in the future we will work together again. Until then, don't spend that bounty all in one place!"

You have completed the Scout's Revenge (Albion) Quest!
You are awarded 390,000,000 experience!
You are awarded 1 gold and some silver!

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Getting to Ghosted Hounds
# Jun 15 2006 at 5:35 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Strongly agree with above poster. Ignore Ga'vielle's directions for getting to the Ghosted Hounds -- they are needlessly complicated.

Simply port to Inconnu Crypt, and from there port to the Deadlands and enter the Lower Crypt. Ghosted Hounds are just a few steps away from the Crypt entrance, to the North (approx. 20,24). They conned blue to a level 41 and were mixed in with 'Tortured Hounds'. There was always at least one there. You can just wait in that area and/or kill stuff until the second Hound pops.
easier way
# Sep 30 2005 at 10:24 PM Rating: Decent
25 posts
I found it much easier to do this one by
porting out of the underground forest, then
into the Deadlands and Lower Crypt from that
direction, ghosted hounds are at the north end
of the northern way from the Deadlands entrance.
I just ignore the instructions she gives you,
and the quest doesnt need them (for a nice
change :).
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