Lost in the Dark  

Submitted by:Shallot
Start Zone: Inconnu Crypt
Start NPC:Arthostam
Catacombs expansion Required
Related Zones:
  Frontlines (Alb)
  Underground Forest (Alb)
Min Level:40
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Sentry Bloberis
  Terracite Impaler (Alb)
  Terracite Jingoist (Alb)
  Terracite Xenophobe (Alb)
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

I received the Lost In The Dark (Albion) quest from Arthostam in Albion's Inconnu Crypt at 24.9K/29.7K. I was at level 44 when I completed it. The terracites were tough mobs even at 44. A small group is advised if characters are in the low 40's.

Arthostam says, "Ah ha! A brave and adventurous soul, worthy of a task I have that needs [doing]."

Arthostam says "Oh, it's nothing that needs to be taken care of right now. I don't suppose you'd like to just sit for a spell and [listen] to me tell you a tale of old, would you?"

Will you listen to Arthostam for a while? [Level 40]
You have been given the Lost in the Dark (Albion) quest.

[Step #1] Listen as Arthostam tells his story to you. If he stops speaking with you, ask him what can be [learned] from his story.

Arthostam says, "You don't know how I so enjoy telling others about the Inconnu. Even though not all of my stories are triumphant ones, I know that there is always something to be [learned] from them."

Arthostam says, "Let me start by giving you a brief history of the Inconnu. As you know, we are Lord Arawn's children. We live to serve him and he has provided for us. He has given us this magnificent home through the careful and skilled work of Jaro'yen and his group of Inconnu. All was well and good with the Inconnu and our lord Arawn until we found the [Underground Forest]."

Arthostam says, "The Inconnu are not an easily frightened bunch. When Divzar and his group of Inconnu were exploring through the Underground Forest, they stumbled upon the Kobolds. After an awkward silence, the Kobolds had the audacity to fire arrows as us! Can you believe that? It wasn't as if we had done anything other than accidentally stumble upon them! Well, after that feeble fight, we continued to [explore] our new surroundings."

Arthostam says, "Divzar and Jaro'yen were both exploring the Underground Forest when they encountered the Shar. Being the evil, bloodthirsty, warmongering heathens they are, a fight broke out between the two groups and Divzar was stabbed through the gut by one of the Shar. The Inconnu scooped Divzar up and ran back to Annwn with him. With the merciful intervention of Lord Arawn, Divzar was healed. Arawn himself ordered all of the Inconnu to drive the Shar and Kobolds out of the forest if they came upon them again. He did not want the other realms gaining access to the Deadlands of Annwn and tampering with the [dead]."

Arthostam says, "So back they marched, into the Underground Forest, searching for any Shar and Kobolds they could find. Divzar was particularly eager to find the Shar that had gutted him so that he might be avenged for the near-fatal blow. And, as luck would have it, Divzar and Jaro'yen found the exact Shar they were [looking] for."

Arthostam says, "Jaro'yen and Divzar were outnumbered when they found the Shar and could only quietly follow them around the forest. It wasn't long before the Shar found the Kobolds and began to quietly follow them. What a site that must have been! The Inconnu sneaking after the Shar who were sneaking after the Kobolds who were oblivious to all of it! I would have paid good money to see that. But I digress. As Divzar and Jaro'yen followed the Shar, they were lead to a [gigantic cavern]."

Arthostam says, "The Inconnu and the Shar both hid but the Kobolds, in particular, a female Kobold, headed towards the opening of the cave. A wave of fear crashed over all who were there. As the female recovered her wits, she again made her way to the moth of the cave. Again, a wave of fear and this time evil swept over the three groups. There was a terrible presence in that cave. A third wave spilled out and that was enough for all there. The Shar and the Kobolds ran off, as did the Inconnu. They ran back and told Lord Arawn what had [happened]."

Arthostam says, "Lord Arawn said he would send some of the Inconnu to gather up the spirit so it didn't cause more problems for people, but he became busy with other things and it [slipped] his mind."

Arthostam says, "Had Lord Arawn sent his people, the terrible thing in the cave would not have taken so much away from him. But alas, there is little anyone can do about it now. The best hope is to [move forward]."

Arthostam says, "And that brings me to the heart of why I have asked you to help me. You see, we are trying to gather as much information as possible about the possessed Kobolds that reside in the place called Nyttheim. We have spotted one in particular that seems to be a good specimen for studying. His name is Lurd and he seems to be a fairly competent possessed creature. He must be a favored Kobold of whatever creature drives them. For this reason my superiors and I believe he is perfect for studying. But I do not know the [way] to Nyttheim."

Arthostam says, "You will need to speak to Sentry Bloberis in the Underground Forest. Take this note to him. He will be able to help you get to Nyttheim. If you're ready to go, I can [transport] you to him."

You receive Note for Sentry Bloberis from Arthostam!

Arthostam says, "Away you go!"

[Step #2] Take the note Arthostam gave you and give it to Sentry Bloberis in the Underground Forest.

Sentry Bloberis says, "Hmm. From Arthostam in the Inconnu Crypt, eh? So you want to go to Nyttheim is it? Well, I'll get you there, but first I need you to do me a [few favors]."

Sentry Bloberis says, "I am in need of someone to fulfill these three bounties I have on some terracites in this area. I need for someone, meaning you, to kill a terracite jingoist, a terracite xenophobe and a terracite [impaler]."

Sentry Bloberis says, "Once you've taken care of those three, I'll get you to Nyttheim. You may also want to get some friends, because you won't be able to take those three terracites solo."

[Step #3] From Sentry Bloberis, make your way south past the first big tree trunk on your left. When you are past it, head east. You will see the terracite jingoists around the base of the tree.

You receive Terracite Jingoist Head from the terracite jingoist!

[Step #4] Find a terracite xenophobe. Head east from the terracite jingoists and you will find some terracite xenophobes.

You receive Terracite Xenophobe Head from the terracite xenophobe!

[Step #5] Find a terracite impaler. You can find them by heading east from the terracite jingoists and xenophobes.

You receive Terracite Impaler Head from the terracite impaler!

[Step #6] Return to Sentry Bloberis in the Inconnu encampment in the Underground Forest. To get to him, you must make your way west to the wall from the terracite jingoists, then north. Give him the jingoist head.

Sentry Bloberis says, "Now for the terracite xenophobe's head."

[Step #7] Hand Sentry Bloberis in the Underground Forest the terracite xenophobe's head.

Sentry Bloberis says, "And finally, the terracite impaler's head."

[Step #8] Hand Sentry Bloberis in the Underground Forest the terracite impaler's head.

Sentry Bloberis says, "And here you are, directions to find Lurd in Nyttheim. I, and the rest of the Inconnu, thank you for your help today with the terracite problem. Good luck."

You are awarded 1,980,000,000 experience!
You receive Teleportation Scroll from Sentry Bloberis!
You receive Map of the Frontlines from Sentry Bloberis!

[Step #9] /USE the teleportation scroll Sentry Bloberis has given you. To /USE an item, right click on the item and type /use.

[Step #10] /USE the map Sentry Bloberis gave you. To /USE an item, right click on it and type /USE.

Once you are inside the Frontlines, make your way south to the corner. You will find Lurd there.

[Step #11] Follow the wall in the Frontlines south to find Lurd's hiding spot.

[Step #12] You have found Lurd! Destroy him!

Note that if you have an issue with the pop-up "There is Lurd!" - press OK before engaging on Lurd. If you can't get Lurd to pop - exit game & you'll be stepped back to Step #10.

You receive the Lurd's Body from Lurd!
You receive Drop of Blood from Lurd!
You receive Blank Scroll from Lurd!

[Step #13] /USE the Drop of Blood to infuse the blank scroll with the power to teleport back to Arthostam in the Inconnu Crypt.
(Note form Nylissa of Ector:
As of Path 1.97, Step #13 is no longer necessary. After killing Lurd, a message appears instructing you that as he dies, some of his blood splatters on the scroll. Go straight to Step #14 and use the Blood Inscribed Scroll.)

You use Drop of Blood.
You receive Blood Inscribed Scroll from Blood Inscribed Scroll!

[Step #14] /USE the Blood Inscribed Scroll...

[Step #15] When you are back in the Crypt, give Arthostam Lurd's body. Wait for Arthostam to [reward] you for your efforts.

Arthostam says, "So you're back, undaunted by your trip into Nyttheim then? Well, if you have truly succeeded at your mission, hand me Lurd."

Arthostam says, "Thank you so much friend. I will have him restrained and resurrected at once. Here is your payment for doing such a brave deed. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work that needs tending. Be safe if you should dare to venture back to Nyttheim, or any of those other accursed places."

You receive Lost Chain Leggings of Nyttheim from Arthostam!
You have completed the Lost in the Dark (Albion) quest!
You are awarded 5 gold and some silver!
You are awarded 1,980,000,000 experience!

lvl 44 received 1,980,000,000 experience.
lvl 49 received 2,800,000,000 experience.

  Lost Chain Leggings of Nyttheim
  Lost Greaves of Nyttheim
  Lost Studded Leggings of Nyttheim
  Lost Britches of Nyttheim
  Lost Leggings of Nyttheim

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update for 1.97
# Mar 18 2009 at 10:23 PM Rating: Good
18 posts
As of Path 1.97, Step #13 is no longer necessary. After killing Lurd, a message appears instructing you that as he dies, some of his blood splatters on the scroll. Go straight to Step #14 and use the Blood Inscribed Scroll.

At level 44, I received 348,750,000 experience and 5 gold from Sentry Bloberis. Upon completion, I received 975,000,000 experience and 29 gold from Arthostam.

Edited, Mar 19th 2009 2:26am by Nylissa
Currently GM of Athlaochra (Bossiney)
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---> Way too many other 50's <---
fun and easy quest
# Jan 18 2006 at 10:29 PM Rating: Good
8 posts
2.8billion xp at 49 (bout 1 bub).
Good Quest for XP
# Oct 01 2005 at 7:04 AM Rating: Excellent
46 posts
Very nice quest, it gave my 41 Frair around 4,5 Bubbles XP. But the item i got isnt so good. Leather Pants with Strength Cap on it, not so nice for a Frair :F

You can solo it if you can handle a Red Terracite at Level 41
Santalador - Level 50 Mentalist
Raelin - Level 50 Vampyr

Dartmoor/Hibernia - European Server
Locations of Terracites
# Aug 29 2005 at 5:55 AM Rating: Good
32 posts
Jingoist 14000, 19700, several, as well as other types and a named that has disappointing drops. Jingoist was blue to level 48. Others in area were blue and yellow. Named was yellow.

Xenophobe 14866, 18820, one xenophobe here by itself. It was yellow to level 48.

Impaler 27233, 20803, with a spearman, close to many others. Impaler was the most difficult to find. This was the only one I ever saw. It was orange to level 48. When I pulled him he brought a large crowd of others, mixed yellow and orange. During the fight three adds walked in, inlcuding one red to level 48.
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