Into the Forge  

Submitted by:Shallot
Start Zone: Abandoned Mines (Alb)
Start NPC:Sergeant Kaunor
Catacombs expansion Required
Related Zones:
  Glashtin Forge (Alb)
Min Level:29
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Glashtin Attendant (Alb)
  Glashtin Surveyor (Alb)
  Inquisitor Ugglok (Alb)
Last Updated:Tue Sep 28 20:46:33 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Speak with Sergeant Kaunor in Albion's Abandoned Mines at 23.1K/24.9K.

Sergeant Kaunor says, "Greetings. You've called on me at an interesting time, Minstrel (your class here). I find myself confronted with a difficult situation, yet perhaps there is an opportunity here for us both. Will you [stay a moment] and hear my tale?"

Sergeant Kaunor says, "It seems our Foreman, Kero'nya, was recently abducted. We cannot continue to use these mines without his oversight, for he is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the tracks along which our [carts] travel."

Sergeant Kaunor says, "We know only that he was inspecting the tracks alone, and failed to report back. We searched and found only a bloody glashtin short sword. We can only assume those [meddling creatures] have taken him hostage."

Sergeant Kaunor says, "Aye, the glashtin have until now been little more than a nuisance. We know not from where they came, but we suspect they have been here for some time, secretly building their great underground forge and supplying the possessed forces that now make war upon us with armor and weaponry. Perhaps whatever force turned our brothers and sisters against us is also responsible for [bringing the glashtin] here."

Sergeant Kaunor says, "The glashtin are engineers and smiths of unsurpassed skill, but they have rarely taken direct action against us. They seem emboldened of late, as if they think our defeat is imminent. If they did indeed take our Foreman, I fear to think what they will do with him. He is likely in mortal peril, and that is why I need your help. If you have the courage and resourcefulness to rescue the Foreman, I shall reward you for your assistance. Will you [aid us]?"

Will you assist with the situation involving the kidnapped Foreman? [Level 29]
You have been given the Into the Forge (Albion) quest.

Sergeant Kaunor says, "I thank you. Our forces are on a heightened state of alert following the abduction, and I need my men to remain at their posts. Now, on to the work at hand. We must first determine if the Glashtin did indeed perpetrate this crime. We must then try to learn where they have taken our Foreman. I think we can answer [both questions] at the same time."

Sergeant Kaunor says, "The glashtin rely on written orders to communicate. These are passed from the Forge to the workers here in the mine by way of the attendants and surveyors. The workers don't generally hold their orders for more than a few days, but the attendants and surveyors keep copies of their orders for much longer. Searching the bodies of some of these creatures would be a good place to start. Of course, you'll have to [kill them] first."

Sergeant Kaunor says, "You can find the glashtin attendants and glashtin surveyors near the end of west track two. If you find any glashtin documents that mention Foreman Kero'nya, bring them to me at once. I hope your search is a fruitful one, Minstrel (your class here). I will await your return here."

[Step #1] Slay glashtin surveyors and glashtin attendants and look for evidence of a plot to abduct the Foreman. You can find them near the end of west track two.

You search the body of the glashtin attendant and find a map with the words 'Foreman Kero'nya' written on it. Your quest journal has been updated.

You receive the Map with Kero'nya's Name from the glashtin attendant!

[Step #2] Return to Sergeant Kaunor at the mouth of west track one. Hand him the map with Foreman Kero'nya's name scrawled on it. If you become stuck, ask him about the glashtin plan to [abduct the foreman].

Sergeant Kaunor says, "Hello again. I trust that you're returning with some documents containing information about our foreman?"

Sergenat Kaunor says, "What is this? Some kind of map, it looks like. Hmm...this is a map of the mines...and here, look at this...a red circle by one of the tracks with the name 'Kero'nya'! This must be the order to [abduct the foreman]!"

Sergeant Kaunor says, "I can't make out of the rest of this glashtin writing, but here is a name I know - Inquisitor Ugglok. Oh my...this is a dire turn of events. Ugglok is the glashtin torturer responsible for interrogating prisoners and maintaining discipline among the workers. It's widely rumored that they work their fingers to the bone because tehy fear facing Ugglok. If the Foreman has been brought before Ugglok, we have [little time] to spare, if any."

Sergeant Kaunor says, "Inquisitor Ugglok inhabits the westernmost room in the Glashtin Forges. Do you know of the Forges? They were carved from tunnels adjoining these mines, and are filled with glashtin who work ceacelessly to produce arms and armor for our foes. There are four wings, one for each point of the compass, and each has a large forge in the center. These are puny things, however, compared to the great Main Forge which lies at the center, connecting the four wings together. The forges are impressive, indeed, but [deadly]."

Sergeant Kaunor says, "The glashtin can defend themselves, and will, should they see intruders. Also, there are gargoyles of living stone, and animated clouds of steam that can scald unwanted visitors. You must tread carefully! Go to the end of west track two and pass into the Glashtin Forges. You'll be entering by the northern wing, so make your way to the great Main Forge in the center, then enter the west wing of the Forge and look for the westernmost room. They say it contains a guillotine, as well as various [instruments of torture]."

Sergeant Kaunor says, "First you must confront and kill Inquisitor Ugglok. If you do not see the Foreman there with him, search the room and perhaps you can turn up some clue as to his eventual fate. I must confess, I have little hope that he still lives. If I am correct, then I hope some clue can be found as to the glashtins' purpose in taking him, so that his death will not be [a wasted one]."

Sergeant Kaunor says, "Ugglok is a fearsome foe, so bring friends if you intend to finish this business. Return to me with some proof of the Foreman's fate, and I'll reward you as I promised. Go now, and may good fortune go with you."

[Step #3] Enter the Glashtin Forge from the west end of west track two. Find the westernmost room in the forges (the one with the guillotine). Kill Inquisitor Ugglok.

You find a map on the Inquisitor's corpse. It seems to be a map of the mine cart tracks, with some areas circled in red. Your quest journal has been updated.

[Step #4] Now that the Inquisitor is dead, /search in the different areas of the room for evidence of the Foreman's fate. Look near the furnaces, the workbenches, and in the guillotine basket.

You find a pendant in the guillotine basket. The design is distinctly Inconnu, and the pendant has the initial 'K' on it. Your quest journal has been updated.

You receive the Inscribed Inconnu Pendant!

[Step #5] Return to Sergeant Kaunor at the mouth of west track one and give him the inscribed pendant you found in the guillotine basket.

Sergeant Kaunor says, "Greetings. I was not sure that I would be seeing your face again, Briton. What news, then? What did you learn of our Foreman? Did you find any evidence of his fate?"

Sergeant Kaunor says, " Oh my...this is Kero'nya's pendant. You found it in the guillotine basket? Poor Kero'nya. That is a cruel fate, indeed. Did you by any chance find anything that would indicate why the Glashtin captured him?"

Sergeant Kaunor says, "A map? This is our system of mine cart tracks, and these circled areas are the points in need of repair. No doubt the glashtin tortured our Foreman into revealing the weak points so the glashtin could destroy the tracks. You have done well, Minstrel (your class here). Here is some coin, but I also have [another gift] to give you that you should find useful."

You are awarded 2 gold and some silver!
You are awarded 116,515,756 experience!

Sergeant Kaunor says "The powers in this magic gem should aid you, Minstrel (your class here). Now, go with my thanks, and beware of the glashtin! Who knows what else they might be up to!"

You receive the Gem of Underworld Power from Sergeant Kaunor!
You have completed the Into the Forge (Albion) quest!

Stats on Gem of Underworld Power
Gem of Underworld Strength

  Gem of Underworld Power (Alb)
  Gem of Underworld Strength (Alb)

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You might be able to get this quest at 29, but
dont expect to solo it at that level. The first
time I got the quest and went to look he was RED
to me. I am pretty sure he is lv 34 or even 35.
I waited a few levels and then finished the quest.
As a group thing its doable of course.
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