Spiderling Stew  

Submitted by:Shallot
Start Zone: Underground Forest (Alb)
Start NPC:Sentry De'Larou
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Min Level:35
Max Level:37
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Cave Spiderling (Alb)
Last Updated:Fri Apr 17 21:00:57 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Speak with Sentry De'Larou in Albion's Underground Forest at 12.3K/10.8K.

Sentry De'Larou says, "Salutations, good (your class here)! What brings you to this lonely forgotten cavern? Maybe it's the search for treasure and adventure? Perhaps you are simply lost, eh? No matter, there is plenty of adventure to go around and if you are lucky, just a bit of treasure as well. In fact, I might be able to help you with both if you are [willing] to help me with simple task. What say you?"

Are you willing to assist Sentry De'Larou with a simple task? [Levels 35-37]
You have been given the Spiderling Stew (Albion) quest.

[Step #1] Speak with Sentry De`Larou, in the Underground Fores to learn what task he needs assistance with.

Sentry De'Larou says, "Splendid! You seemed like someone who knew the chance for adventure when it presented itself. Listen closely my friend and I tell you exactly what I need [done]."

Sentry De'Larou says, "I have been in this cavern for a very long time. That has forced me to scavenge around for something to eat, things someone like you would never touch, and [scavenge] around I did."

Sentry De'Larou says, "I hunted, scraped and crawled through the muck combining different things into my pot until I created almost the perfect recipe. The taste was amazing, simply amazing. I am so close to making the perfect inconnu dish that it makes me drool with anticipation. It has the crunchiness, squishiness, squirminess and the smell that drives my race [wild]."

Sentry De'Larou says, "I will be a legend among my kind. Kings will summon me to cook my [dish] for their most extravagant dinners. Do you see Sentry Kiris over there? He has a crazy idea to use spritelings in his dishes. I tried cooking a few spritelings and they were completely awful.

Sentry De'Larou says, "I have collected most of the ingredients I need. All have I left to do is to add four cave spiderling legs and then bury the pot underground for a week to ferment under those pitcher plants to the southeast. If you help me by getting the spiderling legs and burying the pot, I am sure I can find someone else to unearth it. The cave spiderlings shouldn't be that hard to find. I await your return."

[Step #2] Hunt four cave spiderlings and return their legs to Sentry De'Larou in the Underground Forest.

You receive the Cave Spiderling Leg from the cave spiderling!
You receive the Cave Spiderling Leg from the cave spiderling!
You receive the Cave Spiderling Leg from the cave spiderling!
You receive the Cave Spiderling Leg from the cave spiderling!

[Step #3] Take the four Cave Spiderling Legs and return them to Sentry De`Larou in the Underground Forest.

Sentry De'Larou says, "Welcome back, (your name here). I have my stew ready. All I need are the cave spiderling legs to add the right amount of crunchiness and distinct flavor to my stew. Do you have the legs?"

Sentry De'Larou says, "Excellent!"

Sentry De'Larou says, "Yes! These Cave Spiderling Legs are very fresh and potent!"

Sentry De'Larou says, "Almost there! One more Cave Spiderling Leg should do it."

Sentry De'Larou says, "Finished! Thank you for your help in collecting those spiderling legs. Now, all I have left to do is to [bury] the pot and let it ferment for a week."

[Step #4] Continue talking with Sentry De`Larou as he finishes his stew.

Sentry De'Larou says, "There is a group of three pitcher plants growing near those rocks to the southeast. Take this Cave Spiderling Stew Pot and /bury it there. Return to me when you are done and I will give you some coin for your troubles."

You receive the Cave Spiderling Stew from Sentry De'Larou!

[Step #5] Take the Cave Spiderling Stew Pot and /bury it under the group of three pitcher plants growing near the rocks to the south-southeast of Sentry De'Larou.

The plants are at 13.7K/13.3K.

You successfully bury the Cave Spiderling Stew Pot under the pitcher plants.

[Step #6] Speak with Sentry De`Larou, in the Underground Forest to finish your quest

Sentry De'Larou says, "You buried the stew pot very well. I doubt any creature will dig it up while it is fermenting. Thank you for your help, good (your class here). Here are a few coins to help you in your future travels."

You have completed the Spiderling Stew (Albion) quest!
You are awarded 60,000,000 experience!
You are awarded 81 silver and some copper!

lvl 37 received 60,000,000 experience

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