To Catch a Spider  

Submitted by:Shallot
Start Zone: Underground Forest (Alb)
Start NPC:Treadore
Catacombs expansion Required
Type:Mini Quest
Min Level:39
Max Level:46
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Albino Cave Sprite (Alb)
  Docile Cave Spider
Last Updated:Tue Feb 3 20:44:36 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Speak with Treadore in Albion's Underground Forest at 12.2K/11.1K. This quest is listed as a level 39 quest, but no high end is listed. I was at level 41 when I completed it.

Treadore says, "Hail, Friend! Might you have a few [moments] to spare?"

Treadore says, "Thank you. I have gotten myself into a small mess and I don't know what to do. I made a promise to my daughter to get her a new pet for her yearly passing and I haven't found the time I need to trap one. Do you think you could assist me?"

Will you assist Treadore in catching a new pet for his daughter? [Level 39]

If you decline,
Treadore says, "I am very saddened. I had so hoped to find someone willing to assist me. Now, I must explain to my daughter why I wasn't able to get her a new pet. She will be very upset with me. Thank you for listening to my plight, (your class here)."

If you accept, the text is as follows:
Treadore says, "Very good! I haven't really had the time to go wandering around lately and my daughter keeps asking about her new pet. Her old pet cave spider was accidentally killed by an [adventurer] last week and made into stew."

[Step #1] Speak with Treadore, in the Underground Forest, to find out he needs you to assist him with.

Treadore says, "I would think someone who has fought the invaders in the frontiers for so long would know the difference between a mean nasty cave spider and a loving pet, but what can I expect. He had no way of knowing [Charlotte] just wanted some food."

Treadore says, "Yes, Charlotte was the name my daughter gave her pet. Children always give their pets such strange names. In either case, I have to capture a new cave [spider] for my daughter."

Treadore says, "Not just any cave spider will do! I need a nice, safe, docile one. I don't want to give her a pet that will devour her. I saw a docile cave spider recently while patrolling east of here. It seemed scared of everything and is probably now hiding on a rock or somewhere it can't be seen. I have a [bag] ready to trap it in."

You receive the Spider Bag from Treadore!

Treadore says, "All that you need are some sprite legs to lure the cave spider into the bag. I don't have enough time to go sprite and spider hunting. Take this bag and slay three albino cave sprites. After that, find the dicile cave spider and lure it into the bag. I will reward you with a few coin when you return with my daughter's present."

[Step #2-4] Slay 3 Albino Cave Sprites and collect their legs.

You slay an albino cave sprite and place its legs into your spider bag.

[Step #5] Locate the Docile Cave Spider somewhere east of the guard camp in the Underground Forest. Interact with the spider to attempt to capture it in your spider bag.
  • The Docile Cave spider is HIGH in a tree at 17.3K/12.8K. Climbing the tree is necessary to get the spider in the bag. The message of success is: " You have succeeded in trapping the docile cave spider."

  • [Step #6] Return the Spider Bag to Treadore in the Underground Forest.

    Treadore says, "Ah, (your hame here)! I see you have returned with a full bag. You are just in time. My daughter has been asking me when I am to find her a new pet. I told her that I didn't have the time to go hunting for her pet and she became upset. I can't wait to surprise her. Hand me my bag and I shall reward you for your service."

    Treadore says, "Very good, (your name here). Here is your reward. You should stop by when you have gained a bit more experience under your belt and I might have some more work for you."

    You have completed the To Catch a Spider (Albion) quest!
    You are awarded 390,000,000 experience!
    You are awarded 1 gold and some silver!
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    Max level
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    I found out that this quest is not available at level 47. The max level could be reduced to 46, but I have no evidence to identify the correct max level.

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