Summons from the King  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start Location:Defenders of Albion
Start NPC:Sir Amren
Darkness Rising expansion Required
Related Zones:
  King Constantine's Throne Room
Min Level:30
Max Level:50
Grants XP:No
Grants Coin:No
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Related NPCs:
  Chamberlain Harlen
  King's Royal Guard
Related Items:
  Letter for Chamberlain Harlen
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

You must complete this quest to be given the Campion Level quests.

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Sir Amren, is upstairs on the landing in the Defenders of Albion building loc=23358,23085 City of Camelot.
2) Take the Letter for Chamberlain Harlen from Sir Amren to Chamberlain Harlen in King Constantine's Throne Room (loc=24149,24527)
3) Accept the quest from Chamberlain Harlen. You can now begin the Rebellion series of quests.

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Sir Amren, is upstairs on the landing in the Defenders of Albion building loc=23358,23085,8214 dir=102 City of Camelot.

[Step #1] Speak with Sir Amren, in the Defenders of Albion headquarters.

Sir Amren says, "It must be providence that you have come. Your timing couldn't be more perfect. King Constantine needs our help, and after reviewing the work you've done for us in the past, I feel that you might be the [right person] for the task."

Sir Amren says, "The King's Royal Chamberlain has sent a request to the Academy, the Church, the Guild of Shadows, and to us, asking us to identify a promising young recruit to undertake a mission [for the King] himself."

Sir Amren says, "I'm certain you feel humbled by this calling, but I want you to know that we have full faith in your talents. You have repeatedly proven yourself to be competent and trustworthy and I feel you would [represent us] well."

Sir Amren says, "Do you wish to perform this mission for the King? It is likely to be dangerous and fraught with peril, and will test your skills to their limits. [Yes] or [No]?"

Sir Amren says, "I'm proud of you, soldier, you have chosen wisely. Take this sealed letter and deliver it to the King's Royal Chamberlain, located outside the King's audience hall in the castle here in Camelot. The King's Royal Guard stationed outside of the door to the throne room will grant you access to the throne room. You will be instructed further from there."

You receive the Letter for Chamberlain Harlen from Sir Amren!

[Step #1] See the King's Royal Guard for access to the Throne Room.

King's Royal Guard says, "Good day to you, citizen. Your guild leader has sent word you would be coming. The Chamberlain is expecting you. Are you ready to enter?"

Your response: [yes] or [no]

King's Royal Guard says, "Very well, Armswoman. You may enter."
You have entered King Constantine's Throne Room.

[Step #1] Deliver the Letter for Chamberlain Harlen to the Chamberlain in the King's Throne Room.
( Chamberlain Harlen is straight ahead once you zone into the Throne Room, loc=24149,24527,15901 dir=170 Constantine's Throne Room )

Chamberlain Harlen says, "Welcome, (Your Name). Thank you for answering my summons with such haste. Your presence here is a great compliment from your guild. They could have chosen anyone, and obviously felt that you were the most qualified for this mission. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to earn favor with the King. He is increasingly troubled by the growing [rebellion] that is spreading throughout the realm."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "Perhaps you have been so busy with your studies that you are unaware of the unrest that has been escalating among the people. King Constantine needs to quell the uprising but is unwilling to resort to violence, for doing so would only martyr the rebels and add [fuel to the fire]."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "Instead, the King hopes to dismantle the insurrection from within, by means of subterfuge. For this task, the King needs a younger, less-experienced agent who is independent of the politics and power-mongering that characterizes the nobles and the realm's foremost warriors. Moreover, it will be easier for the rebels to believably [accept such a person] into their rank."

Chamberlain Harlen says, "There is no way I can guess at the number of risks this task will require you to take, but I can ensure you it will be very dangerous. Knowing this, are you willing to [perform this duty] for the King?"

Will you aid King Constantine and Albion in the campaign to dismantle the Rebellion from within? [Level 30]
You have been given the Rebellion: Introduction to the Cause quest.

Chamberlain Harlen says, "The King will be pleased to know you accepted this task without hesitation. The first thing you will need to do is find out how to infiltrate the rebellion. In order to do this, I recommend you speak with Captain Herrick, an officer in the Albion army who has had extensive first-hand experience dealing with the rebels. He may have some suggestions or information about the rebellion that will help you with your cover. Return to me when you have heard his report. Good speed, Armswoman."

You have completed the Summons from the King quest!

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