Information from Master Stearn  

Start Zone: Camelot Hills
Start Location:Cotswold
Start NPC:Master Stearn
Min Level:1
Max Level:5
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Cotswold Guide
  Master Frederick
Last Updated:Wed Jan 18 12:46:16 2006
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Brief Walkthrough:
1) Speak with Master Stearn at loc=12461,28742 Cotswold, he is the NPC that you appear in front of when you log in for the first time.
2) Go talk with Master Frederick, at the tower east-northeast of Master Stearn loc=19161,26540 Camelot Hills, for your reward.

lvl 1 received 33 experience.

Quest Dialog:
Speak with Master Stearn at loc=12461,28742,2448 dir=120 Camelot Hills, Cotswold, he is the NPC that you appear in front of when you log in for the first time.

Master Stearn says, "Greetings to you, (Your Name), and welcome to Cotswold! If you have a minute, I would like to [speak with] you. I have important information that will help you as you begin your adventures."

Will you speak with Master Stearn about important matters? [Levels 1-5]
You have been given the Information from Master Stearn quest.

[Step #1] Speak with Master Stearn and he will tell you of adventures you can participate in.

Master Stearn says, "Wonderful, (Your Name)! I am pleased that you chose to speak with me. As you know, I am your trainer. As you progress through each level, return to me to train in your skills. You and I shall work together until you outgrow my training when you will seek out a more advanced trainer. But I am [getting ahead] of myself!"

Master Stearn says, "I must get you to that point before I send you off to the advanced trainer. I have [some work] for you, so that you can begin obtaining levels."

[Step #1] Ask Master Stearn about [some work] he has for you. (Right-click on Master Stearn and type /say some work).

Master Stearn says, "Master Frederick, stationed at the guard tower outside of Cotswold, has asked me to send my most talented apprentices to him. He has discovered a [dangerous problem] here in Cotswold and could use your help in taking care of it."

Master Stearn says, "In exchange for your help, Master Frederick will reward you with armor, weapons, and jewelry which will help prepare you for coming adventures. Since you are new to Cotswold, I will provide you with [a guide] that will lead you to Master Frederick."

Master Stearn says, "Simply speak to the Cotswold Guide (right-click on him) and he will lead you to Master Frederick. When you reach Master Frederick, he will reward you for finding him. When you reach level 2, return to me to begin training in your skills. Until then, stay safe, (Your Name)!"

[Step #2] Find Master Frederick at the tower east-northeast of Master Stearn. If you would like [a guide] to take you there, tell Master Stearn in Cotswold that and she will summon one for you.
( Master Frederick is at loc=19161,26540,2862 dir=77 Camelot Hills.)

Master Frederick says, "Congratulations, (Your Name)! You have found your way from your trainer to me. Here is the reward your trainer promised."

You are awarded 27 copper!
You are awarded 33 experience!
You have completed the Information from Master Stearn quest!

lvl 1 received 33 experience. (IMO this is a must do quests for lvl 1's as the experience gained fills 6.6 bubbles)

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