Rending of the Earlth (Alb)  

Submitted by:Garran/Garrend of Gawaine
Start Zone: Camelot
Start Location:Academy
Start NPC:Pondar Cully
Related Zones:
Min Level:49
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Last Updated:Wed Feb 20 22:22:12 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Quest is obtained from Pondar Cully in the Academy in Camelot.
This is the next in series following the Word to the Wise Quest.

Pondar asks you to search for evidence of tunneling or excavation near Golestandt's Lair in Dartmoor

From journal:

"Search for evidence of tunneling or excavation near Golestandt's Lair in Dartmoor, then return to Pondar with your findings.

Quest Goal: Search for something unusual near the Lair (0/1)"

As you past down the eastern edge of Dartmoor (easiest path to lair), you will notice that things are changing in Dartmoor. Giants are wandering more and there is what looks like some building activity with some Stonecrusher. I was able to get through with a pally and a bot taking my time, a few extra people and it would be breeze right through.

As you approach the lair, the extra entrance to Labyrnth will show up with several darkoran stewards in front of it. To complete the quest goal, merely past behind the entrance like you were going to pass on the south side of the lair. As you past the entrance, you will receive credit. You will also get agro from the drakoran stewards. I only got 2 by staying against the zone wall as I passed.

Return to Camelot to see Pondar

I received 3,460,800,00 XP and 165 Gold and some silver.

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