Emissary: Meeting of Blades (Alb)  

Submitted by:Riddly
Start Zone: The High Consul's Sanctum (Alb)
Start NPC:High Consul Herleagis
Labyrinth of the Minotaur expansion Required
Chapter:1 - 5
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Related Zones:
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Last Updated:Tue Mar 11 22:50:17 2008
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(step 7) look for a burning mound of earth, known as kafteros,around the entrance to the labyrinth on Agramon.

Kill anyone you find waiting there and give and evidence of which minotaur clan is involved to the High Consul Herleagis
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For Step 7
In Agramon at 57k, 34k there is two "The treasure hunter" mobs around a kafteros. Kill them for "Pair of Bloody Minotaur Horns"

[Step #9]
Give the Pair of Bloody Minotaur Horns to High Consul Herleagis.

[Step #10]
Speak to Chamberlain Harlen about the High Consul's reaction to the Minotaur Horns.

After I spoke to Chamberlain Harlen he finished the quest which rewarded me with
12112 champion experience
24,225,600,000 experience
725 Gold and some silver

and Chamberlain Harlen gave me another quest called

Emissary: Consulting the Keeper (Level 50)
[Step #1]
Speak to Anataeus in the castle of Camelot. He can be found on the second floor, above the Round Table. Give him the Charred Note Fragments.

[Step #2]
Speak to Anataeus to find out what just happened.

[Step #3]
Return to Chamberlain Harlen in the throne room. Tell him about Gorvinius' demise and what it portends.

After speaking with Chamberlain Harlen the quest finishes and I recieved
5191 champion experience
10,382,400,000 experience
155 gold and some silver

I then recieve another quest from Chamberlain Harlen called

Emissary to the Uruz (Level 50)
[Step #1] Speak to Chamberlain Harlen in the Throne Room.

When I spoke to him he finished the Emissary to the Uruz quest and gave me another called..

Unraveling: Infernal Investigation (level 50)

Here the complete in game list of the steps for this quest

[Step #1] Go to the Round Table and speak with Anataeus.

[Step #2] Travel to Castle Sauvage in the Frontiers and speak with Valaylla, a member of Merlin's Vanguard. She can be found stancing near the Frontiers Portal Stone.

[Step #3] Destroy five Demon Summoning Stones to collect Chunks of Demon Stone. USE the location Scroll that Valaylla gave you if you forget where to search. Be sure to stand inside the Circle of Summoning when you destroy the stones.

Demon Summoning Stone locations
9k, 37k SW of Renaris Spire
18k, 10k North of Ren Spire tower
42k, 63k SW of Dun Bolg Guardtower
42k, 8k East of Beno Spire
SE Sursbrooke Watchtower
NE Hurbury Outpost
West Hurbuy Outpost
SW Eras Outpost

[Step #4]Take the Chunks of Demon Stone back to Valaylla. She stands near the Frontiers Portal Stone at Castle Sauvage.

[Step #5] Travel to the Academy in Camelot City. Once in the presence of Mastery Narudos use the teleportation Stone to travel to Anataeus' tower.

[Step #6] When you are prepared let Anataeus know you are ready for the ritual to [begin].

[Step #7] Destroy the demons before they slay everyone! If you fall in battle, teleport back to the tower from the Academy to try again.

[Step #8] Speak with Anataeus about the demons' entry into the tower.

[Step #9] Use the Teleportation Stone to exit the tower so you can report the recent happenings to Chamberlain Harlen.

[Step #10] Speak with Chamberlain Harlen in the throne room.

Next quest is Unraveling: Illusions of Grandeur

[Step #2] Oressa needs a Stonerot Worm Tooth, Pain Eater's Ashes, and a Feral Goblin Hunter's Nose. The worm can be found in the river to the west. The Pain Eater can be found northwest of Keltoi. The goblin can be found east of Lethantis.

Stonerot Worm - (loc 8k, 4k) Found at the very Northern rock in the river west of Lethantis Association. When you go near the rock White text comes up in chat box that says "The Stonerot Worm swims from its lair searching for prey! You will then see it nearby the stone.

[Step #3] Oressa now needs the Pain Eater's Ashes and Feral Goblin Hunter's Nose. The Pain Eater can be forced out of hiding by killing disturbed prescences. The Feral Goblin Hunter can be found east of the Lethantis Association.

(54k, 48k) NW of Keltoi Fogou you can find a destroyed building with disturbed prescences. Kill them until Pain Eater spawns. He spawned in the middle of the ruined house, looks like a bright white wisp.

[Step #4] Oressa will now need the Feral Goblin Hunter's Nose. Search the end of the road just east of the Lethantis Association to find the Feral Goblin Hunter.

(31k, 6k) east of Lethantis Association you can find Feral Goblin Hunter

[Step #6] Take all three spell components back to Oressa at the Lethantis Association. Hand her the Stonerot Worm's Tooth first.

[Step #7] Hand Oressa the Pain Eater's Ashes.

[Step #8] Hand Oressa the Feral Goblin Hunter's Nose.

[Step #9] Speak with Oressa to see if she is [finished] with her spellwork for your illusion.

[Step #10] Travel east of the Lethantis Association and enter the Higher Consul's Sanctum. Once inside, use the Purple Gem to summon the Vest and Leggings to cloak yourself in the illusion of the High Consul's Guardians, then speak to the High Consul.

26k, 5k is the entrance to the Higher Consul's Sanctum.

[Step #11] Go to Campacorentin Station and hand the History of the Uruz scroll to the Korazh Hunter stationed there. Return to speak again with High Consul Herleagis within his sanctum when you've done this.

If you use the History of the Uruz scroll before turning it in it creates 4 pages - Creation of the Nexus, Arrival of the Gods, Corruption of the Uruz, Escape from the History.

[Step #12] Return to the High Consul's Sanctum to continue your conversation with High COnsul Herleagis.

[Step #13] Travel to Agramon and find the tree just south of the Albion entrance to the Labyrinth on Agramon. Use the Signaling Whistle there to let Craesyne know he is safe to reveal himself. If you loose the Whistle, ask the High Consul for another.

The quest is finished when you speak with Craesyne but he starts you on another one.

Received 8652 champion experience
17,304,000,000 experience
518 gold
and was given another quest.

Unraveling: Crush the Alliance
[Step #1] /Use Craesyne's Map to find the first meeting location between the Thelo and the other clans.

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re: What Gate?
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going inside the gates mean through the gates, the NE gates, if you stick the East wall you will find mid guards under a tree, kill as many of them until you get the drop.

for the kafteros step, stick to the same wall until you find explorers near a fire, kill them both.
What Gate?
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What gate would he be talking about.. the Mile Gate in Alb Agromon? There is no one inside the gate. The journal says.. find a mound of burning earth near the entrance to the lab on Agromon. I searched all over Agromon for a burning mound of earth.. Mid has a burning fire but not burning earth, and there is no one there either.

Getting the Map
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You need to go to the southern most gate and go inside. Once inside, locate the guards that are together inside the gate(near the trees), and to get the map you need to kill all 4 of the guards to get the map.
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