Unraveling: Infernal Investigation (Alb)  

Submitted by:ThaForge
Start Zone: Camelot
Start NPC:Anataeus
Labyrinth of the Minotaur expansion Required
Chapter:2 - 1
Related Quests:
  Unraveling: Illusions of Grandeur (Alb)
Related Zones:
  Camelot Hills
  King Constantine's Throne Room
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Chamberlain Harlen
  Master Narudos
Last Updated:Fri Sep 5 22:17:41 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Per patch 1.92 (02.27.08):
- Unraveling: Infernal Investigation - Destroying a Demon Summoning Stone will now grant group credit for those on the correct step of the quest.

[Step #1] Go to the Round Table and speak with Anataeus.

[Step #2] Travel to Castle Sauvage in the Frontiers and speak with Valaylla, a member of Merlin's Vanguard. She can be found standing near the Frontiers Portal Stone.

[Step #3] Destroy five Demon Summoning Stones to collect Chunks of Demon Stone. USE the location Scroll that Valaylla gave you if you forget where to search. Be sure to stand inside the Circle of Summoning when you destroy the stones.

Demon Summoning Stone locations
9k, 37k SW of Renaris Spire
18k, 10k North of Ren Spire tower
42k, 63k SW of Dun Bolg Guardtower
42k, 8k East of Beno Spire
SE Sursbrooke Watchtower
NE Hurbury Outpost
West Hurbuy Outpost
SW Eras Outpost

[Step #4]Take the Chunks of Demon Stone back to Valaylla. She stands near the Frontiers Portal Stone at Castle Sauvage.

[Step #5] Travel to the Academy in Camelot City. Once in the presence of Master Narudos use the teleportation Stone to travel to Anataeus' tower.

[Step #6] When you are prepared let Anataeus know you are ready for the ritual to [begin].

[Step #7] Destroy the demons before they slay everyone! If you fall in battle, teleport back to the tower from the Academy to try again.

[Step #8] Speak with Anataeus about the demons' entry into the tower.

[Step #9] Use the Teleportation Stone to exit the tower so you can report the recent happenings to Chamberlain Harlen.

[Step #10] Speak with Chamberlain Harlen in the throne room.

reward: 829 gold and some silver

Champion level experience gained: 12800
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champion xp
# Mar 04 2008 at 7:20 PM Rating: Good
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I received 12800 champion xp, 829 gold and some silver - that is about 4 bubbles of champ xp.
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