Dragonslayer Weapon (Alb)  

Start Zone: Dartmoor
Start Location:Grimspound
Start NPC:Elia
Related Quests:
  Dragonslayer Armor (Alb)
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Last Updated:Fri Dec 23 20:46:17 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Those who have received Dragonslayer armor can then work to achieve Dragonslayer weapons. First they must attain proper faction. Each town has a merchant who sells Dragonbane weapons. When you reach the proper faction, he will also sell a stone that allows you to return instantly to their town. When you are able to purchase this stone, you should be qualified for the final quest. Players must also be level 50.

Elia will offer the Dragonslayer quest in Albion.

Once you have completed that quest, you may return to your dragonslayer. They will offer a selection of weapons appropriate to your class.

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  Conquering Heretic Stone Render
  Conquering Cleric Stone Render
  Triumphant Friar Stone Render
  Prevailing Infiltrator Stone Breaker
  Triumphant Minstrel Stone Shaper
  Conquering Minstrel Stone Breaker
  Triumphant Armsman Stone Render
  Triumphant Scout Stone Shaper
  Conquering Scout Stone Breaker
  Conquering Scout Stone Splitter
  Reliable Stone Ward
  Impervious Stone Ward
  Enduring Stone Ward
  Conquering Reaver Stone Breaker
  Conquering Reaver Stone Splitter
  Conquering Reaver Stone Render
  Triumphant Reaver Stone Breaker
  Triumphant Reaver Stone Render
  Dragonslayer Cloth Robes
  Conquering Paladin Stone Breaker
  Enchanted Stone Shaper
  Victorious Paladin Stone Splitter
  Tenacious Stone Shaper
  Withering Stone Shaper
  Surging Stone Shaper
  Hallowed Stone Ward
  Penetrating Stone Shaper
  Conquering Mauler Stone Render
  Triumphant Heretic Stone Render
  Triumphant Heretic Stone Breaker
  Conquering Infiltrator Stone Breaker
  Conquering Infiltrator Stone Splitter
  Sanctified Stone Ward

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DragonSlayer Weapon/Staff
# Nov 10 2009 at 5:04 PM Rating: Decent
16 posts
With the move to Ywain server, mythic has made it a bit simpler to attain your slayer weapon, shield or staff. Instead of doing the quests in Dartmoor to get faction and doing the big 3 dragon hunt, you can now farm atlantean glass in ToA, all ML .10 encounters now drop the atlantean glass. You will need to gather 300 glass to exchange for the sanguine dragonstone (1 red stone) or (6 white stones for the armor), from Trishy in Camelot. She is standing by the minstrel trainer in the fountain square, just past the academy of Magic in Camelot.

Once you get the dragonstones, then go see Elia in Humberton Keep, in the right back tower on the second floor for the slayer quests (armor/weapon). Fromt there ride to Dartmoor and see Los Ortis, standing at the entrance of the cave in Grimspound for the armor or Grogotos in the cave for slayer weapon. If you have not yet done the stonecrush faction quest, see Kos the Emissary at the entrance to Grimspound, by the flaming tree's for the first faction quest, to get your neutral faction in order to enter into Grimspound with out getting killed.
the quest for the dragonslayer weapon
# Aug 05 2007 at 11:47 PM Rating: Decent
the dragonslayer weapon,, can be received after finishing,, the history in stone and the moran the mighty quests and receiving your armor. You purchase a weapon from the merchant in grimpound. then you have to be on a hunt that kills all three of the dragons. Kill either the Hib or Mid dragon first then the other one saving Golestand for last. if they are not spawned have someone sucide to Goldy and this should spawn the Hib and Mid dragons. You have to have the weapon and the quest. right clicking on the three dead dragons advances the quest. once you have all three return to elia and Grogotos to receive your weapon.

Briece Medici of Sacred Nemesis
50th season Cleric of Guin.
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