Evil Calls to Evil  

Start Zone: Camelot Hills
Start Location:Cotswold Village
Start NPC:Apprentice Healer Vayna
Min Level:4
Max Level:5
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Decayed Zombie
Last Updated:Thu Oct 25 20:29:16 2007
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Speak with Apprentice Healer Vayna in Cotswold Village, loc=11737,30102 Camelot Hills.

I try not to be an alarmist, especially in times like these. Goodness knows, we've been stretching ourselves quite thin of late, and I hate to think of yet another trouble coming our way.

But, Something has been happening. Aside from the tales I've heard from people for whom I work my healing magic, I've felt a shift in things lately, ever since the accident that formed the new entrances into the area being called Demons' Breach.

I can't quite explain how or why or even what I feel, exactly. Perhaps it's because I'm attuned to life energy that I feel this surge of power coming from the opposite. But the hunger of demonic forces emanating from Demons' Breach seems to be calling to the undead of our region, stroking the anger and rage of those whose final rest was disturbed. It troubles me deeply.

You've been making a bit of a name for yourself recently around here. You're obviously brave and resourceful. Would you be willing to help combat this renewed threat?

There are reports of increased actibity by decayed zombies near the Prydwen cemetery. Kill two of them, and return to Apprentice Healer Vayna for a reward.

Quest Goal: Kill 2 decayed zombies near Prydwen cemetery.

2 silver 2 copper
Recruit's Quilted Gloves of Insight
Recruit's Leather Gauntlets of Speed
Recruit's Leather Gauntlets of Faith
Recruit's Studded Gauntlets of Brawn

lvl 5 received 652 experience.

  Recruit's Quilted Gloves of Insight
  Recruit's Leather Gauntlets of Speed
  Recruit's Leather Gauntlets of Faith
  Recruit's Studded Gauntlets of Brawn


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