Haskis' Dilemma  

Start Zone: Black Mountains South
Start Location:Ludlow Village
Start NPC:Haskis Mordoo
Min Level:9
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
Last Updated:Tue Jan 19 21:15:10 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Speak with Haskis Mordoo in Ludlow Village, loc=47371,43754 Black Mtns South

I don't believe I've seen you before and I've known most of the folk in town since birth. Most of 'em call me ancient and they're justified in doing it! I remember Arthur's reign like it was yesterday; when Merlin was his trusted advisor, Morgana was just a child discovering the dark arts, and well before this infernal war with Camelot's enemies to the north and west. Our beloved Albion has certainly seen troubled times since. But, enough reminiscing.

I'd hire you to load my wagon for a trip to Camelot, but the bandits are determined to isolate us. Without fail, they stop me just beyond town and demand a toll to use the King's roads. A toll! These bandits are bold, and they've even taken to calling themselves the Black Mountain Blades. Well, I've an idea about what they can do with their blades. I'm a mite old to fight them, but I'll reward you if you put them in their place! Bring me some of their blades while you're at it, and I'll display the blades as a lesson to the scoundrel!

Find the bandit camp overlooking town. Slay two cutpurses and return to Kaskis Mordoo with two of their blades.

Quest Goal: Defeat 2 cutpurses for 2 blades.

22 silver 72 copper
Protector's Band of Fortitude
Protector's Band of Control
Protector's Band of Temperance
Protector's Band of Subtlety

lvl 9 received 34,500 experience.

  Protector's Band of Fortitude
  Protector's Band of Control
  Protector's Band of Temperance
  Protector's Band of Subtlety


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