Snap Claw  

Start Zone: Constantine's Sound
Start Location:New Avalon
Start NPC:Mordren
Min Level:8
Max Level:10
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Snap Claw
Last Updated:Tue May 19 19:32:52 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Speak with Mordren in New Avalon, loc=7757,15535 Constantine's Sound.

I know you have done some good work for me, (Your Class), but I have heard stories from others too. Rumor around the camp is that you are a force to be reckoned with!

I have a challenge for you, and we're not talking about chasing One Eyed Tom, I mean something real.

There is a giant crab that roams the beach, the fisherman call it Snapclaw. Everyone is afraid of it, but I bet you could take it! If you can do it, I will make something special for you when you return with that delicious meal... I mean Snapclaw!

Kill Snapclaw and bring its remains to Mordren for your reward.

Quest Goal: Kill Snapclaw.
Quest Goal: Bring Snapclaw's remains to Mordren.

Amazing! This might even turn out to be a good day.

I can't wait to show my sister Betty, she will nod her head for joy and maybe even smile!

I'm sure Snapclaw stew will be a nice change from cove crab stew.

2silver 24copper
Shell Tinted Longbow
Shell Tinted Pious Shield
Shell Tinted Shield
Shell Tinted Dirk
Shell Tinted Sword
Shell Tinted Hammer
Shell Tinted Fist Wrap

lvl 8 received 5,1000 experience.

  Shell Tinted Pious Shield
  Shell Tinted Shield
  Shell Tinted Fist Wrap
  Shell Tinted Longbow
  Shell Tinted Dirk (Alb)
  Shell Tinted Sword (Alb)
  Shell Tinted Hammer (Alb)


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