Eighth Anniversary (Alb)  

Start Zone: Camelot Hills
Start NPC:Crazy Old Lady (Alb)
Min Level:1
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Related NPCs:
  Crotchety Old Man (Alb)
Related Items:
  Revolting Potion
Last Updated:Thu Oct 15 19:07:35 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Speak with the Crazy Old Lady outside Camelot, loc=6054,26265 Camelot Hills.

Not another person! You listen to me, and listen to me well. I am not here to give out candy. I am not here to give out any potions. That's my sisters thank you very much. I'll have you know I'm much younger than any of them! Why they give me this cruddy 'old' title I'll never know, I never should have agreed with them. Anyway, I'm here to find that crotchety old man of a husband and drag him home. It's our eighth anniversary and he has the nerve to stay late on the job again! When I get my hands on him... Wait a minute. You could help me, if I go walking up to his post he'll surely dash and hide and I don't have time for games. You could sneak up on him though. I could even give you a little advantage, he'll never see you coming.

Help the crazy old lady find her crotchety husband for their anniversary. She even has a surprise that should give you the advantage to sneak up on him.

Quest Goal: Speak with the crazy old lady.

The crazy old lady says, "Come closer, Come closer (Your Name). As I said before, I have a little something that should give you the advantage and allow you to sneak up on that old fool! Please, take [this]."

The crazy old lady says, "Yes, it's just a little potion. I know what I said about not giving out potions! This is different however you are helping me. Now move along, I am tired of waiting, go find that husband of mine and send him home. You should be able to find him guarding that dank old cave to the southeast of here."

Quest Goal: Use the potion and find here crotchety husband.

The crotchety old man says, "Oh my goodness! A bat! Someone help!"
The crotchety old man says, "Get back! I should have stayed home today I knew it!"
The crotchety old man says, "Get away from me... I'm warning you!"
The crotchety old man dashes from the cave entrance, stumbling down the hill as he runs for home.

Quest Goal: Return to the crazy old lady.

Haha! I saw it all happen. I should have thought of it myself a while ago. In any event I couldn't have done it without you. He's sure to clean out the caves but these little guys wouldn't hurt a fly. Why don't you keep one as your reward.

19silver 16copper
Jar of Insects

  Jar of Insects


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