Inconnu Poison  

Start Zone: Isle of Glass
Start Location:Caer Gothwaite
Start NPC:Narah
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
Min Level:1
Max Level:5
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Burton MacDougal
  Trynt Madoc
Last Updated:Fri Oct 14 20:27:39 2005
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Narah says, "I'm here to train you, to prepare you as best I can, for the day when you will choose your future path, as a necromancer or reaver, to do Arawn;s bidding, and [defeat Morgana]."

Narah says, "Morgana has raised many of Arawn's souls, and she has also summoned to her side the Drakoran armies! These Drakoran are as much an enemy to Arawn as Morgana, for those that serve Morgana work against Arawn. The Drakoran invaded Avalon, and all that is here, in the Isle of Glass, that is all that is left of the people of Avalon. The others are dead. The cannot [fight the battle] alone."

Narah says, "But while they can no longer fight the battle against the Drakoran without our aid, many still mistrust us. Trynt Madoc has decided the best way to earn the trust and loyalty of the people of the Isle of Glass is to prove our value and dedication to the battle against Morgana. It is not required of you, but helping Trynt may be an opportunutiy to practice your skills."

Dailog box: Will you help Trynt Madoc and his group?

You have been given the Inconnu Poison quest

Narah says, "Go speak to Trynt Madoc. He'll tell you what needs to be done."

[Step #1] Speak with Trynt Madoc in Gothwaite Harbor. Tell him your name when he asks.

Trynt Madoc is in the gazebo just down the hill from Caer Gothwaite in the Harbor.

Trynt Madoc says, "Greetings young Disciple. What be thy name?"

Tell him your name.

Trynt Madoc says, "Well, (your name), I see that Magess Gwenllian has been doing her part to help improve the relations around her. You may not have noticed, but many people around here do not like Inconnu. I am not one of those people, but there is a man, a poison merchant just came to this land, Burton MacDougal, who believes that every last Inconnu us out to steal his soul. I have told him that I can [prove differently]."

Trynt Madoc says, "I told Burton that the Inconnu brought a poison with them that is very effective against Drakoran. He said he would believe that there Inconnu are here to help if he could get a sample of the poison and the list of components to make it himself. Lirele, an Inconnu who is working with us, has agreed to help but she needs [a certain component] to finish the poison."

Trynt Madoc says, "Lirele told me she needed the fin (of) a sea pup to complete the poison. They live in the waters around Gothwaite Harbor. Get one and take it to Lirele.

[Step #2] Get the fin of a sea pup from the waters outside Gothwaite Harbor.

Sea pups are located just to the end of town near the water's edge. Get a fin and take it to Lirele.

You receive a sea pup fin from the sea pup!

[Step #3] Go to Lirele in Gothwaite Harbor

Lirele is located diagonally from Trynt Madoc outside a building next to some steps.

Lirele says, Tryne said you would be coming to see me. Do you have the sea pup fin? Please give it to me now."

[Step #4] Give Lirele the sea pup fin.

Lirele says, "Thank you. This should only take a minute. Here, take the poison and this scroll to Burton MacDougal. Tell him it is from Lirele the Inconnu."

You receive a vial of poison from Lirele!
You receive Lirele's scroll from Lirele!

[Step #5] Go to Burton MacDougal in Gothwaite Harbor. Tell him [Lirele sent] you.

Burton MacDougal, the poison merchant, is located just inside the building that Lirele stands in front of.

Burton MacDougal eyes you suspiciously.

Burton MacDougal says, "What do you want? I don't like your kind, so state your business quickly and get gone!"

You say, "Lirele sent me."

Burton MacDougal says, "Oh, you're from Lirele, eh? That doesn't change anything. That nasty Trynt told me the pale witch would be getting me some poison, but I haven't seen it yet. Did she send you over here with it? Let me have it."

[Step #6] Give Burton MacDougal the poison prepared by Lirele.

Give the vial of poison to Burton MacDougal.

Burton MacDougal takes the poison and examines it.

Burton MacDougal says, "Hrmph, haven't seen something like this before. but this won't last me very long. Trynt said she'd tell me how to make it. I see the wench hasn't lived up to that promise. You just can't trust you Inconnu!"

Give Lirele's scroll to Burton MacDougal.

Burton MacDougal says, "Oh, hrmph, well, um, this is how to make it. Um, well, I guess that wench, er, Lirele, wasn't lying to me after all. Maybe she's not so bad after all, or you either, but I still don't trust the rest of 'em! Well, here, since you did some work, you can have this. But t his doesn't mean that I like you! Now, buy some poison or get out of here!"

You are awarded 20 experience!
You are awarded 3 silver and some copper!
You have finished the Inconnu Poison quest.

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