Lost Potion  

Start Zone: Isle of Glass
Start NPC:Narah
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
Min Level:2
Max Level:5
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Damp Skeleton
  Sister Genette Ashlan
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Narah says, "Trynt Madoc has said you did well. Now, he'd like you to help out again. It seems Sister Genette Ashlan has some problems with the Inconnu in general. It makes sense, as she is of the Church of Albion. We have always been rivals with the one god of that church. They are not known for their tolerance. But, Trynt Madoc believes it is important to have her stop [speaking out] against us in the town."

Narah says, "Yes, she believes it would be better to die at the hands of Morgana and her Drakoran minions than to consort with those of the realm of the dead. I do not believe many in the town share the same sentiment, but it would be nice to not hear her cackling tongue for a change."

Dialog box: Will you help Trynt Madoc change the mind of Sister Genette Ashlan?

You have been given the The Lost Potion quest

Narah says, "Right then. Speak to Genette. Tell her Tryby sent you."

[Step #1] Speak with Sister Genette Ashlan in Caer Gothwaite. Tell her [Trynt sent] you.

Sister Genette Ashlan, the healer, is located in the first tent inside the gates of Caer Gothwaite. This would be to your right facing the gates from your Disciple trainer.

Sister Genette Ashlan says, "What do you want? I make no secret that I dislike your kind. If you have some business with me, speak up, otherwise go away!"

You say, "Trynt sent me."

Sister Genette Ashlan says, "Trynt, eh? He's a troublemaker, trying to make people think you Inconnu are worth having around. He wasn't here when [the storm hit]!"

Sister Genette Ashlan says, "Aye, the storm that brought the likes of you to these shores. It has been a beautiful day that day. The evening started out beautiful too, clear and calm. A group of soldiers had left as the sun was just dipping below the horizon to go on patrol. With not a cloud in the sky, the group didn't take torches but relied upon the light of the stars to guide them. Out in the middle of nowhere, a group of those nasty Drakorans ambushed a group of soldiers. There was a violent fight with many dead on both sides. A few of the soldiers survived and managed to crawl back towards Caer Gothwaite. When they were spotted, the watchers [sent for me]."

Sister Genette Ashlan says, "I gathered my things and hurried outside to meet those poor men and women. They were seriously hurt, but I thought I could save them. I began to treat using a magical healing potion given to me but another healer. It cleans the wound and makes it heal much faster and also counteracts the evil poison of the Drakorans. As I moved along treating each wound, a breeze began to blow gently. It took a few hours for me to treat each of them. As I reached the last one, the wind began to blow harder. One of my assistants suddenly gasped as dark clouds rolled in, blocking out the light of the stars. As the rain began to fall, [we gathered up] the wounded and hurried into the shelter of the Caer. Before we had even crossed the courtyard the lightning was blinding and the thunder deafening, and we wondered if we would be drown by the rain."

Sister Genette Ashlan says, "In the chaos of the storm and protecting the soldiers, I dropped my healing potion. No one was brave enough to go back out and look for it. I tried to search for it, but the storm was too violent and I could not even make it out the door. I did my best to treat the last soldier, but [without the potion] I could not cure him of the poison and he died. All because of the likes of you! You caused the storm and make that soldier die! That is why I don't like your kind!"

Sister Genette Ashlan says, "Trynt said that Inconnu witch Lirele would replace my potion if I told her. The potion requires two bones from damp skeletons. Get them and take them to Lirele if you want to prove the Inconnu are not the evil creatures I believe they are!"

[Step #2] Seek out the damp skeletons that roam north-northeast of Caer Gothwaite. Get two bones to give to Lirele.

You receive a damp skeleton bone from the damp skeleton!
You get 2 experience points!
The damp skeleton drops a copper coin.

[Step #3] You have one damp skeleton bone. You must get a second one.

You receive a damp skeleton bone from the damp skeleton!
You get 2 experience points!
The damp skeleton drops some copper coins.

[Step #4] Go to Lirele the Inconnu in Gothwaite Harbor.

Lirele says, "I see you have returned, (your name). Trynt Madoc said you would. Genette Ashlan needs her potion replaced. Please give me the first damp skeleton bone so I may begin the potion."

[Step #5] Give Lirele one of the damp skeleton bones.

Give Lirele the first damp skeleton bone.

Lirele says, "I have been sent by the great Arawn to help the people of Avalon. I am to assist Trynt Madoc and any others who will help us. I am to retrieve sould and aid in the fight against the Drakoran. All are to help defeat the Drakoran!"

Lirele says, "Thank you, (your name). Now please give me the second one."

[Step #6] Give Lirele the other damp skeleton bone.

Give Lirele the second damp skeleton bone.

Lirele says, "Well done. Now the potion is complete. Please take it to Genette Ashlan and give her our most humble apologies for causing the loss of the first potion. I shall speak with her later about the soul of the soldier that died."

You receive a potion of healing from Lirele!

[Step #7] Return to Sister Genette Ashlan in Caer Gothwaite.

Sister Genette Ashlan says, "Oh, so your're back. Did she make my potion? I'm guessing she didn't!"

[Step #8] Give Sister Genette Ashlan the potion prepared by Lirele.

Give the potion to Sister Genette Ashlan.

Sister Genette Ashlan says, "Hhmm, this looks like my potion, but I'm going to have to test it out. I cut myself earlier. I shall try it on that cut."

Sister Genette Ashlan says, "Well, apparently that Lirele knows her stuff. This is the same as my potion. When this runs out maybe I'll ask her to make me some more. Egad, did I jsut say that? Ask an Inconnu for something? Well, maybe the Inconnu aren't so bad if they can keep making my potion. Ack, what is wrong with me, saying things like that? Anyway, take this and go away before I say something good about the Inconnu!"

You are awarded 22 experience!
You are awareded 2 silver and some copper!
You have finished the The Lost Potion quest.
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Noob question: do you have to be an inconnu to complete this & the Souls of the Dead quests?

Edited, Sat Nov 1 17:21:55 2003
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# Jun 28 2003 at 11:49 AM Rating: Default
Where'd you find them? I can't find them anywhere.....
alternate kill
# Mar 14 2003 at 11:43 AM Rating: Decent
i was given the task to kill 2 urchin quibs retrieving 2 brown quills. my journal says they are located southwest of caer gothwaite, but i find nothing out there.

i ran a good wide circle around the hill i found lots of cool stuff (i especially like the corpse lights and the headless dead).

i am new to albion, so i am just going to keep looking. but if anyone has any idea where to find these urchin quibs, i'd be much obliged.
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RE: alternate kill
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found em.
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