Souls of the Dead  

Start Zone: Isle of Glass
Start NPC:Narah
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
Min Level:3
Max Level:5
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Headless Dead
  Tessa Ohrman
Last Updated:Wed Oct 29 10:35:38 2003
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Narah says, "There's some group that is trying to have those of the Temple of Awarn leave. They feel as Sister Genette Ashlan did, that the town is better off [falling to the Drakoran] than working with us."

Narah says, "Well, that is the alternative to accepting our aid, since they obviously can't defeat Morgana without our help. Trynt recognizes this, and would like your help again."

Dialog box: Will you aid Trynt Madoc again with the residents of Caer Gothwaite?

You have been given the Souls of the Dead quest.

Narah says, "Speak to Trynt Madoc about the group of people speaking out against the Inconnu."

[Step #1] Speak with Trynt Madoc in Gothwaite Harbor about the group of people against the Inconnu.

Trynt Madoc says, "Greetings again. I am so glad you've been able to help improve the relations between some of the people here in Caer Gothwaite and the Inconnu. Sadly, there are still some who speak badly of the Inconnu. They have been going around telling everyone that the Inconnu are the [servants of Morgana]!"

Trynt Madoc says, "Yes, I cannot believe it either, for I have seen the Inconnu out on the field of battle, sacrificing themselves in the fight against the Drakoran and Morgana's undead. They won't stop fighting until the last breath has passed through their lips. Yet still people do not believe they are here to help but will [be our downfall]."

Trynt Madoc says, "Now, not everyone believes this, but there is a core group that does. The group's second in command is a woman named Tessa Ohrman. She is always saying the Inconnu are here to stir up the undead, not gather up the souls ripped from their peaceful slumber by Morgana. We need you to prove to Tessa that she is wrong about the Inconnu. If we win Tessa to our side, she will convince the leader, Calder to change his mind. Go to Tessa now, and speak with her. I told her you would be coming to speak with her."

[Step #2] Go speak with Tessa Ohrman in Gothwaite Harbor. Tell her your name when she asks.

Tessa Ohrman says, "So, you're the one Trynt said he'd send to me. What's your name?"

Tell Tessa Ohrman your name.

Tessa Ohrman says, "Well, I'll be honest with you. I don't like Incommu and I only agreed to speak with you because Trynt wouldn't go away until I did. If you want to know what the cause of all the problems around here is, look no farther than the Inconnu! The got all these undead riled up, [causing trouble] with the people around here."

Tessa Ohrman says, "The undead have been attacking people, especially the headless dead. They are the remains of people who have had terrible accidents upon the shores of this land. They never bothered us until the Inconnu came! Everyone said it was Morgana's doing, but I know the truth! If you think you can prove that the Inconnu are not here to cause trouble, [retrieve the souls] of three headless dead."

Tessa Ohrman says, "When you have them, take them to that Inconnu Lirele over there. She claims she can send them away, but I don't believe her. You get them, take them to her, and I'll watch to see if she does it or if she turns them loosee on us here in Caer Gothwaite! Now go!"

[Step #3] Get the souls of three headless dead that roam east of Gothwaite Harbor.

Go kill some dead!

The headless dead says, "Thank you for freeing me..."

[Step #3] Get the souls from two more headless dead that roam east of Gothwaite Harbor.

The headless dead says, "Thank you for freeing me..."

[Step #3] Get the souls of one more headless dead that roam east of Gothwaite Harbor.

The headless dead says, "Thank you for freeing me..."

[Step #4] Go to Lirele in Gothwaite Harbor.

Lirele says" It is good to see you again. I overheard your conversation with Tessa. She fears us, and together you and I shall show her she has no reason to fear the Inconnu. Please give me the first soul."

[Step #5] Turn in a soul to Lirele.

Lirele says, "Good, now the second."

[Step #5] Turn in a soul to Lirele.

Lirele says, "Thank you. Now the third please."

[Step #5] Turn in a soul to Lirele.

Lirele begins to chant in an unknown language.

Lirele casts a spell!

[Step #6] Return to Tessa in Gothwaite Harbor.

Tessa Ohrman says, "I saw you over there with that Inconnu Lirele. I saw what she did with those spirits. She didn't make them come attack me! I thought she would, but she didn't. I'd have to see her do it more, but maybe I was wrong. Yes, even I [can admit] I am wrong!"

Tessa Ohrman says, "It's not easy, and I don't trust the Inconnu, but I will stop saying that they are here to cause trouble, and I will work on changing Calder's mind too. I don't know if he will listen, but I will try. To show I am not such a bad person as some think, please [sic]take this."

(When I did this quest, it had typo's and the last log cut off before she was finished, but I still ended the quest. If you have the ending log, please let us know)

You are awarded 88 experience!
You are awarded 2 silver and some copper!
You have finished the Souls of the Dead quest.
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Quest direction different
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Noticed that the direction is different:

Get the souls of three headless dead that roam EAST of Gothwaite Harbor.

I just recieved the quest and she told me to go WEST.
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