Belt of the Moon  

Start Zone: Oceanus Boreal
Start NPC:
Trials of Atlantis expansion Required
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Grants XP:No
Grants Coin:No
Related NPCs:
  Skyros Camouflager
  Skyros Sea Mage
  Skyros Sky Mage
  Skyros Spearfisher
  Skyros Stalker
  Skyros Stormbringer
Related Items:
  Belt of Moon, 1 of 3
  Belt of Moon, 2 of 3
  Belt of Moon, 3 of 3
  Belt of the Moon (book)
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Below is the begining information for the Artifact Belt of the Sun, if you know more information please send it in.

Sphinx Hesper says:
Ah, the Belt of the Sun and Belt of the Moon are said to be the only religious artifacts ever found to be Atlantean. Seemed they were ones to think they were as gods themselves. Who knows, perhaps they were. They would be to us, with all that they could do. There is an island in Oceanus Borea where you can find temples. I believe that is where you can find the two belts.

Hesper says, "This could be a bit tricky, let me see if I can explain it to you in a way you will understand."

Hesper says, "There is the Sun and the Moon."

Hesper says, "There are three islands, each with its own central pillar."

Hesper says, "Beware the fiery arrows that pelt you from afar!"

Hesper says, "Get them all, detroy the protector, find what you are looking for."

You must kill the Protectors of Light and Dark on Sunmoon Islands in Oceanus Boreal (15k, 30k).

One you kill all the protectors and the last one will drop a key. Walk to the pillar (which the hesperisís will not aggro you for now, they will before) to claim your artifact. Highly recommended to go up the side of the island to dodge the hespís in front. artifacts.

Belt of Sun:
Used by those who stand at the front of battle or show some skill in archery

Belt of moon 1 of 3 -- drops off Skyros sea mages and Skyros sky mages

Belt of moon 2 of 3 -- drops off Skyros stormbringers and Skyros spearfishers

Belt of moon 3 of 3 -- drops off Skyros stalkers and Skyros camouflagers

Dialog from the 3 scrolls combined:
Scroll One

"I have come to the Planes to learn about the Belts of the Sun and [of the Moon]. They are a curiosity, for they are made in Atlantis, of Atlantean metals [and] imbued with Atlantean magic, but there [are other aspects] of these items which are very disturbing."

Scroll Two

"[It] would seem the belts are items particular to some strange religion. I have been tasked with [determining] more about this religion, its gods and [goddesses, priests] and priestesses, and if it is at all harmful to [Atlantis'] ordered and progressive nature. I am currently trying to get the Belt of the Moon, but am unsure how to proceed."

Scroll Three

"The creatures of the [Planes] are little help to me. They refuse to help me determine the source of this new religion, or even its basic tenants. I am not sure about this new religion or this item I will have to go to the island and see for myself what this strange item is, and [what it] does."

The Belt of the Moon takes about 55M exp per 1% or ~5.5 Billion exp per level.

Artifact levels from RvR and mobs in Shrouded Isles Outdoors.

  Belt of the Moon

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Here is a trick you can use to grab the belt. One person in your group will obtain the key... it is this person who must go up and grab the belt.

To get the attention off of that person you should send another person in your group up first to grab the aggro, while they are running back to safety the person with the key can run up and grab the belt.

Also it's important to note that when killing the lights you should avoid the arrows of the hesperis as it seems they respawn a light every time they shoot you.
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