Braemar Egg Hunt (Hib)  

Start Zone: Connacht
Start Location:Druim Ligen
Start NPC:Lady Mirabelle (Hib)
Related Zones:
Min Level:25
Max Level:29
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
Last Updated:Fri Jun 6 03:04:16 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

From the Camelot Herald:
Talk to Lady Mirabelle in Castle Sauvage, Druim Ligen, or Svasud Faste to begin the egg hunt; the first event of the Rites of Spring. Quests range from level 15 - 49 on classic and normal servers, and 35 - 49 on PvP and PvE servers. Join the hunt, and the fight!

Speak with Lady Mirabelle in Druim Ligen, loc=47200,5184 Connacht

Spring has come, (Your Race). Everything is coming back to life after the long winter, and all the crazies are coming out of the woodwork. I mean, all the animals are getting ready for new life. Yeah, new life!

It's during this time of year that mysterious eggs appear. Strange and delic... I mean magical. Certainly not delicious. Not at all.

The beasts and birds are tricksy, though, and tend to hide the eggs in places where we cannot go, or at least could not survive for very long. In the fields of strife where children play is their favorite place - the lands you call battlegrounds.

You seem to be a clever and daring (Your Race); also good-looking. Perhaps, in your adventures in these lands of battle, you might gather some eggs and bring them to me? As it is a dangerous area, you will be rewarded with a small number of realm points.

Search Braemar for hidden Spring Eggs. When you have five, return them to Lady Mirabelle at your main borderkeep.

Egg Locations by Rojer:
1 at bottom of the ramp leading up to the portal door into Dun Braemar
1 outside the main entrance gate to Dun Braemar
1 by the NE corner of Dun Braemar on the northern side
1 under the northernmost end of the arches as you enter Dun Braemar
1 under the 2nd arch from southern end of the arches as you enter Dun Braemar
1 outside the door entrance into the central keep
1 on ground floor of the central keep to the left of the stairs up
1 inside the Lord's Room in the NE corner
1 on the SW tower of Dun Braemar, on the level just before the top, facing into the central courtyard.

There are usually only 2 or 3 of these sites up at any one time.

Egg Locations by Xcatsaxon:
- 29,252/22,305 Between hib/mid in night hobs under tree
- 14,057/23,125 Hib side NW Dun Braemar in ancient beech trees
- 29,952/28,501 In water North pond at the center keep
- 52,348/35,482 Glashtin Forest East Wall
- 28,672/35,280 Southside of center keep at the door
- 27,119/41,917 South of the first "a" in Braemar under tree
- To the left of front door of ck
- On east corner of ck
- N corner inner ck (to the right of the door when you walk in)

lvl 25 received 4,041,250 experience and 10 gold

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