Enchanted Bandit Hunt  

Start Zone: Silvermine Mountains
Start NPC:Kaley
Min Level:4
Max Level:5
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Last Updated:Tue Oct 8 17:49:31 2002
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Kaley, the Guardian Trainer of Howth, asks if she might [beg a favor].
She tells you that a certain bandit in the area is waylaying travelers.

The bandit is a [sabhail named Seireadan], who has stolen an [enchanted dagger] from a merchant; the sabhail has used the magic of the dagger to change its appearance to that of a lurikeen. The dagger was stolen from the father of Anra, a merchant in Howth; Anra has paid Kaley to retrieve
the dagger and do away with Seineadan. Arna asks that you do away with the bandit, and return the dagger to Anra.

Seireadan is in the valley due West of Howth. Cross the ridge directly West of Howth, then head a bit North. You should soon find a "lurikeen" named Seineadan. He is neutral, initially, and level three. Upon speaking with him, he will tell you to give him your weapon or die; he immediately attacked me, so there wasn't any debate involved.

Returning the dagger to Anra (lurikeen merchant, on the West side of Howth, with all the other weapons merchants) resulted in nearly two bubbles of experience, and a Ring.

  Ring of Swords

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Ring of Swords
# May 14 2002 at 10:47 PM Rating: Default
Ring of Swords, lvl 5, +3 str. No other stats.
right by the dead tree
# Apr 14 2002 at 2:30 AM Rating: Default
look for him on the far side of the valley by the old log the exact place seems to be random and he heads NE as soon as he gets there be ready to fight he hits you as soon as you click on him

if there are more than one on a group they all must click on him be for he dies to get the dagger too
# Mar 06 2002 at 11:32 PM Rating: Default
After you cross the hill, which direction do you go? Is he near that mushroom circle near the middle, with all the lunaticlurikeens running around, or is he nearer to the Redwood Trees?
RE: Wherethe...
# Mar 06 2002 at 11:56 PM Rating: Default
Bah, found em.

Right between those two mushroom rings, bout where the lunatics stop :)

Fought him at level 4, was blue, turned in dagger, ring does +3 for stenth.

Continued to fight at the ring to the north. No Lunatics, with a good variety of blues and yellows.
Current Spawn Point
# Feb 16 2002 at 5:16 PM Rating: Default
After hours and hours ( that little ******* ) I found the current spawn point:

6738, 38475, 5272 in Silvermine Mountians, directly west ( as stated in quest notes ) of Howth.

He seems to wander around from the spawn, which makes him hard to find.

Guardian only. This is not for "The way of arms" as a whole.
# Feb 15 2002 at 4:52 PM Rating: Good
51 posts
This quest, like the others for magic, nature, and stealth, is only available to the base class. Only Guardians can do this quest (thise the level 5 cap. It is likely that if you kept the "Guardian status" you could finish this at any point. But who would do that? Just make sure you speak to Kayley, in Howth, before you advance to your new class (but after you get level 4), and you should get this quest.
Elcycinu Leehweno
Lvl 50 Enchanter - Guinevere
Lvl 5 Cleric - Percival
Guildmaster: Rainbow Regiment
this is an irritating quest
# Jan 27 2002 at 1:12 AM Rating: Default
I just got this quest at lvl 4 and ive been going up and down the valley due west of howth over and pver again f4rom one end to the other and i cant find the little ******* > : (

Does he have some kind of placeholder or does he only spawn at a certain time or something??
somebody help me out here.
you cant get it after lvl4
# Jan 21 2002 at 8:28 PM Rating: Default
max level 5 doesnt mean that you can get this quest in lvl 5... you have to take this when you are still in lvl 4... :(

lvl5 nightshade
# Nov 15 2001 at 6:54 PM Rating: Default
I received this quest at level 4 and have looked for many hours for the "bandit", up and down the valley. But I never found him. I am still looking, though I am level 7 now. I always the group of Bodachan Sabnaills, bu the "bandit" never shows.
RE: Melywyn
# Dec 02 2001 at 8:53 PM Rating: Default
since you're a 7 now, don't bother. he's grey to my lev 6, and when you tell him to leave, it doesn't provoke him at all. attack & kill him, & you get nothing. i see that it shows max lev on this is 5, so i guess that doesn't stretch.

lev 6 Blademaster on Igraine
# Nov 09 2001 at 10:09 PM Rating: Default
I did this quest last night. Seireadan spawns just over the hill west of Howth where a lot of the sabhail and small walking rocks wander. Be careful not to just kill Seireadan outright though, for you won't get the message that you've fulfilled the quest and you won't get the dagger. I killed him outright and had to wait for him to respawn and try it again.

You have to target him first and tell him, "Leave this land, or be killed." He will then attack you (he was blue to my level 4 warrior) and you can easily kill him. You can then loot his body but the dagger automatically transfers to you.

Take the dagger back to Howth and find Anra - she is a little Lurikeen merchant in one of the canopied areas. She is thrilled to death to get the dagger and gives you money and the ring of crossed swords. It's a cool quest. Not only that, but I returned to the area where Seireadan spawns and killed blue sabhails and walking small rocks for good experience until I reached level 5.

Aavengerr the Firbolg Warrior
Soon to be Hero of the Realm
# Oct 26 2001 at 9:36 AM Rating: Default
Anyone try this yet?


Use to have a handle on life till it broke
# Oct 22 2001 at 10:12 PM Rating: Default
Would have been nice if my now-level-7 firbolg hero had known of this quest when he was level 4. I don't recall getting a quest from my trainer in Ardee at level 4 at all. Did they just add this or what?

Kwynn, Hero of Pellinor.
RE: WTF...
# Oct 23 2001 at 9:33 AM Rating: Decent
20 posts
My Elf Guardian that started in Howth never recieved this quest. I have noticed that not all trainers will give the quest. I guess this has to do with Mythics dynamic questing engine.

Ildera Sedai
48th Druid
Tarew Marr
# Oct 22 2001 at 7:03 PM Rating: Decent
It seems that all classes have a form of this quest, right around the same time. In all cases, the reward appears to be a ring with +2 to one of the class' primary stats, and +3 to hits. So far, I have completed this sort of quest for three classes; logic dictates that the others have something similar. So, after each level, keep bugging your initial trainers. Eventually, they will probably hand you something like this to get you out of their hair.
# Oct 22 2001 at 4:32 PM Rating: Default
Great reward for this quest, i think i'll try it tonight
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