Submitted by:Crelith Seadreamer
Start Zone: Vale of Mularn
Start Location:Haggerfell
Start NPC:Inaksha
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Related Zones:
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Min Level:30
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:No
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  Noxious Hound
Last Updated:Thu Sep 14 03:02:02 2006
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Characters that were created after Patch Version 1.79 do not receive this Epic quest.

The level 25 section of this quest is: Decoding the Map

At level 30+, you're told to return to Inaksha.

Inaksha says, "I am pleased that you have returned to me. I have need of your services again. I have had more visions while studying this map. I believe [the visions] will help us learn about the elves Fressen spoke of, and this mysterious Gahsir."

Inaksha says, "In the first vision, I saw a young Norseman and woman, in a far away land. I know not what this means, although I do not think they live anymore. Another vision followed that one - a vision of a second young Norsewoman, surrounded by red, crowned in gold. I see her in a town, in the shadow of a city, and the sound of water fills my ears. Seek out this Norsewoman, and ask her of Gashir and the elves. Return to me when you have talked with her."

[Step #1] Seek out the Norsewoman surrounded by red and crowned in gold. She is in a town in the shadow of a city, within the sound of water.

The city is obviously Vasudheim, and the woman's name is Jana (she's wearing red and has blonde hair); she's in one of the buildings in Vasudheim. Jana will tell her tale about Gashir being a demon, the elves might try to summon him, he'll destroy the world, yadda yadda yadda.

[Step #2] Talk with Jana and learn about [Gashir].

Jana says, "Greetings. Please do not look surprised that I knew your name. I had a vision of you coming to me. Inaksha isn't the only one who has visions. You seek [knowledge], do you not?"

Jana says, "My visions did not reveal what you want to know, only that you would come seeking me. Tell me what you wish to learn about."

You say, "Gahsir."

Jana says, "Gashir? I have not heard that name since I was a child, and those that dared to speak it did so only in a whisper. If you seek knowledge of Gashir, you must also desire knowledge of the elves. You did well to come to me, for I know of both. Come closer and hear a story of my [childhood]."

Jana says, "My grandparents died when I was very young, but before they died, they told me of their raiding days. They were in a raiding party that ventured into Hibernia. One night after they had made a camp for the night, they told stories of the magic of the gods. My grandmother told the tale of the Rod of Mimir. A group of elves, which had gained the ability to understand our language, overheard the story as they prepared to [ambush the camp]."

Jana says, "During the ambush, they killed everyone except my grandparents. They took my grandmother captive as my grandfather escapted into the woods. The elves forced my grandmother to tell them all she knew of the Rod of Mimir. It was many days later that she managed to escape, and she and my grandfather fled back to the safety of Midgard. The [elves pursued] because they did not want anyone to know they sought the Rod."

Jana says, "Once here, they began their search, and captured passing travlers until they learned fro the proper ritual to summon Mimir. With the Rod, they can summon Mimir and force him to do their bidding. Unfortunately, their tongues are not well adapted to our language, and Mimir comes out as Gashir. After reading many ancient texts, I have discovered that there is another creature named Gashir, an evil demon who delights in destruction and chaos. If Gashir is released in this world, we will be doomed! That is all I can tell you of Gashir and the elves. I beg you, if you have the ability to stop the elves, please do so."

[Step #3] Return to Inaksha and speak to her about how the elves [must be stopped].

Return to Inaksha and tell her of these horrible events. Say the elves must
be stopped, and then when she prompts you, say Gashir is a demon. Your journal will tell you what you need to say, [enclosed in square-brackets] like this.

Inaksha says, "You have returned. Did you find the woman I saw in my visions? What did she tell you of the elves?"

You say, "The elves must be stopped."

[Step #4] Speak to Inaksha about the Rod of Mimir. Tell her Gashir is [a demon].

Inaksha says, "I figured she would say that. Any who have the Rod of Mimir must be stopped, and the dark one seemed to think that of the elves. And did she speak of Gashir? Who or what is he?"

You say, "Gashir is a demon."

Inaksha says, "A demon! We must stop them from summoning up Gashir and retrieve the Rod of Mimir from these evil creatures. These elves must be creatures of magic, for mortals such as you and I cannot hope to weild the Rod ourselves. If that foolish dark one had tried as he wished, he would have frozen to death, for the rod is filled with the snow and cold of the North. I shall help you to protect yourself from the Rod. I shall [weave a bag] to carry the rod in, so it will not harm you."

Inaksha says, "Travel into the fires of Muspelheim and bring me the fur of a firecat and a noxious hound. The warmth of their fur will protect you from the cold of the Rod. Return to me when you have both and I shall weave them into a bag for you."

Head to Muspelheim, get fur of a firecat and noxious hound. Beware - two types of hound - Noxious and Nocious (note that the hounds are social, and blue at level 30). You will get an item that says Noxious Fur - a pelt will not suffice. If in doubt, check your journal - as you get each type of fur, it will update itself and remove it from the list of things you need to do. Once you have both types of fur, return to Ishaka and hand the fur over.

She will make a nice bag from the fur to hold the staff of Mirmir (the bag protects you). She will then tell you to find Gashir.

She says that he is between Nalliten and Myrkwood. This is not that accurate. To find Gashir, head out from Gna Faste to the west, towards Askheim. Go past Askheim till you find the circle of stones (Stone Henge), in Skona Ravine. Turn north (past the shrieking willows) till you hit a cliff. Turn west and follow the cliff.

It's a fairly long run, but eventually you will come to a steep decline to the water. Head down, but watch out, you'll take damage if you aren't careful. Look for one of the small ravines down - you can get down without impact damage.

At the bottom of the hill, you'll see the elves in a circle, and the elves will start casting (surprise surprise), and Gashir will arrive. The elves that summons Gashir is on /loc 11793, 5572. And Gashir con blue at lvl 36, yellow at 30.

Now this part is important - let Gashir kill the elves. He'll attack them almost immediately, and wipe them out in seconds. He'll then turn on you, get ready to slow him, and then stun him so that you can get a few swings in. Also, be prepared to use an instant heal - he hits for about 45, which is more than I can hit for.

You may want to wait till level 31 or 32 to take him on, or bring a friend. He killed me at level 30, with mithril armor, using my Favor from Eir and all. Don't forget to bind in Galplen should the unthinkable happen.

Runed Etched Gloves -- Healer
Moonshone Helm -- Shaman

  Moonshone Helm
  Glowing Rune Etched Gloves

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healer mob locs
# Jun 18 2003 at 11:59 AM Rating: Default
i found both firecats and noxious hounds to the left of the dverge camp (when facing it), up on a mountain. the loc was 30k 59k

good luck all!
easy way to Gishon
# Jun 13 2003 at 5:44 AM Rating: Default
I think it is better to take the horseroute from Gna to West Skona, walk down the cliff and u are near the coordinates where u find Gishon. loc 11793,5572 was correct. I was able to kill him easily grouped with one shadowblade level 32.

Kathedra (Sternenstaub) Level30 healer, Stonhenge
# Mar 11 2003 at 4:57 PM Rating: Excellent
279 posts
Not sure if this is a Day spawn only. Ran over to the area with a Skald friend. I saw the priestess, like the quest mentioned they disappeared but Gashir did not appear. I noted it had just turned night so I assumed it might be a Day spawn only.

Came back later on the next day with a bigger group, saw the Priestess, they disappeared, about 10 sec later Gashir appeared. Nice easy kill with a small group.
AOL NWN - Lords of Freedom(LOF)
WoW - Cenarius (Avowry/Awry)
DAOC - Galahad (Einherjar)
EQ - Vallon Zek (Ministry of Hate/Innoruuk's Legion)
LOTRO - Imladris (Council of Elders)
# Sep 27 2002 at 12:44 PM Rating: Default
alles kacke
Gashir´s /loc
# Sep 02 2002 at 4:29 PM Rating: Default
The elves that summons Gashir is on /loc 11793,5572. And Gashir con blue at lvl 36 ;)
Directions to Find the Mobs
# Sep 01 2002 at 2:55 AM Rating: Default
To find the firecat make a right from the entrance, and go along the wall, the firecats are not very far. To find the noxious hounds head SE, and when you come to the smith area (round pit with an island jutting up in the middle, lava surrounding, and a bridge going over) head right along the ridge (stay on top of the ridge), and you will come to a bunch of noxious hounds on top of the ridge about where that mountain ends/curves off. I found my noxious hound at 30k, 58k. If you do as suggested and get the Young Fire Wyrm Lord quest from Bolli in Mularn: The Young Fire Wyrm Lord is located at 54k, 13k in Musp.
Shamans get a helmet
# Mar 14 2002 at 9:35 PM Rating: Default
Or at least I did. A pretty good one too. Yellow to me at 30. Gives piety bonus. Ac of at least 64 as I recall.

Highly recommend this one. Do the first part of this quest with the Dragon sleeves quest at the same time since you will be in Muspelheim for part of this quest and both quests involve killing monsters that are located near to one another. You get the sleeves quest from a guy in Mularn whose name is something like Boriil or something...can't remember but well worth the effort.

Do both...get a friend to do the Dragon (err just remembered its something like Fire Wyrm Sleeves) sleeves quest with you...

Ingmithril a 30 Shaman on Bors
RE: Shamans get a helmet
# Mar 21 2002 at 12:15 PM Rating: Default
It's the young fire wyrm lord and the npcs name is Bolli
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