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Yesterday I posted a few links from Jubal the Champion team leader on how to create a Champion. Today there is a new Champion guide on the Vault that will help you with the play of your Champion. Riogeric's Champion Guide offers tips on how to play the class in PvE and RvR from a level 50's perspective.


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The guide
# Jun 07 2003 at 1:10 PM Rating: Default
I am a level 50 Champ on Kay and I also have been playing since the start as a LW Champ.

He made some very valid points, however his PvP tactics are flawed.

In PvP, what good is it to charge in and die? I cant imagine a tactic like that getting you rank 5. Champions are good at one thing...blitzkreig!

Run in, whack a caster, snare the highest dmg person on you and run back to AoE caster who make short work of anyone dumb enough following you. If they get smart all of a sudden and go for a caster, Anihilate.

Champions are also unbelievable at staying off to the side and beating on the archers and casters that try to get away and cast/shoot. A one-on-one battle is where a champion truely shines, which is why we have the ability to solo PvP.

Hope this clears up a few things or at least gives some of you young champions a better chance of survival than just "running in and getting killed" to open a hole for 5 seconds.

"There is no skill, its luck and chaos, anyone who thinks different is a fool." -Max Payne
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