An Old Enemy Returns

An Old Enemy Returns

A new event has begun in the lands of DAoC and it seems the three realms share a common enemy, the Picts:

Old grudges seldom die and some tribes nurture theirs; just waiting for the right moment to settle them. With Albion, Hibernia and Midgard weakened by their constant battles, a number of old bloodthirsty tribes seize their opportunity to reclaim what once was theirs. As initial settlers of Hibernia and the menace behind Hadrian's Wall, the tribes of the Picts have united under one leader and come back with plans for revenge.

It seems that the Kings were right when they opened up their armory some time ago, everyone must be on their guard and ready to counter this new threat.

As teased in this video, part of the celebrations around Dark Age of Camelot's 10th anniversary is the launch of a new event line in the game. From today on players in all three realms may encounter the first scouting parties, as the Picts take initial steps to threaten the Kings and re-conquer the lands.

See you on the battlefields.


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